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Antoinette Boudoir Newstalgica Spa is a full-service health spa located in New York City. The spa is designed to resemble French Queen Marie Antoinette’s bedroom and personal rooms and features lush red and gold furnishings. The luxurious surroundings are designed to provide a pleasant and relaxing ambience.

Although most people don’t immediately think of spas as offering diet products, some spas like Antoinette Boudoir have begun offering detox treatments like ionic foot baths, infrared saunas, colonic hydrotherapy cleanses and body wraps.

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Although the specific means of purported detoxification varies from procedure to procedure, the gist of all of these approaches is that toxins will be flushed out of your body, making you feel better and usually giving you at least a temporary weight loss.

Body wraps are a popular product at Antoinette Boudoir. One attractive claim of body wraps is that they help you trim inches off those annoying problem areas by removing the toxins in your system that often hinder you from losing weight.

The body wraps and masks can be purchased as a package and come in exotic-sounding varieties such as Hot Chocolate Stimulating Body Wrap, Moroccan Cocoon with Rassoul Purification Body Mask, Dessert Heat Relaxing Body Wrap and Black Magma Rejuvenating Mask.

Like steam saunas, infrared saunas are designed to help you rid your body of toxins by having you sweat them out of your system. The difference between the two approaches is that infrared saunas use infrared rays rather than steam to cause you to sweat.

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  • The relaxing atmosphere and personal attention of the spa’s employees should make a person feel rejuvenated, at least for a time.
  • Some testimonials indicate that the products were helpful.
  • No negative side effects were listed.


  • The benefits to be received are vague and sometimes confusing. It’s hard to know what specific benefits to expect beyond the emotional lift that relaxation and personal attention provide.
  • The services are pricey. A typical package that includes a foot spa, body wrap and detox colonic is regularly priced at $270.
  • No before and after pictures are available.
  • The website offers no guarantee of satisfaction.
  • Although there are testimonials, they are relatively few, and fail to address more than very short-term benefits.


Among the many detoxification procedures available, those at Antoinette Boudoir seem to meet the status quo in what they provide. You should consider, though, that many of the procedures and products could be done at home with equipment and supplies purchased relatively inexpensively and with results that are reportedly very similar to those gained by in-spa treatments.

Although there is an onsite nutritionist, the link between nutrition and overall health is not stressed, nor is the nutritionist’s role elaborated.

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