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AO Force produces a line of holistic products designed to boost the immune system. AO Force, the product, was the brainchild of 4 men with a background in fitness, nutrition and general health, and was originally formulated to strengthen their overall health and well-being.

AO Force is available in several formulations, each of which has a different function. The original product was AO Force Anti Oxidant Force, a vitamin and antioxidant complex that was to boost the immune system. Other products now available include Advanced B Complex and 90 Vegi-Caps, both of which are vitamin supplements, as well as Muscle Force , Sex Force and Slim Force, which is a diet aid.

List of Ingredients

No list of specific ingredients was available. The antioxidant Lutein-which clinical tests have linked to good eye health-is supposedly included in at least some of the products.

Product Features

Antioxidants known to boost the immune system are at the heart of these products.

The manufacturer markets this line as holistic products that benefit the consumer’s whole physical, mental and social well-being, as well as all-natural products without artificial additives.

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  • The products are relatively inexpensive (usually about $30 per bottle for AO Force Anti Oxidant Force,) and are currently being sold at a discounted price, both online and at retail stores.
  • Some product reviewers indicated that the formulation they used worked.
  • There are no stated side effects.


  • The product apparently has limited availability, at least online. Several websites are either out-of-stock on these products, or have discontinued them.
  • There are no before and after pictures available.
  • Few customer reviews were from customers who had used the product more than just a few days. In fact some were from customers who had yet to take the first pill.
  • The Slim Force product does not come with recommendations regarding how to combine the diet product with both exercise and healthful eating habits for maximum weight loss and increased overall health.
  • No money-back guarantee is offered by the manufacturer, although some of the retailers that sell this line offer a money-back guarantee on any products they sell in their stores.
  • The products reportedly use only extracts that are both very effective and safe, but a specific list of ingredients for each product does not appear to be available.


This product line appears to be waning in popularity. Few websites indicated that they actually had the materials in stock; some said outright that they no longer sell this line.

Few comments indicated that special advantageous product features set this product apart from other similar offerings available today. Although consumers did not voice serious complaints, neither did they provide glowing reports of the products’ effectiveness.

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    Kate Battoe

    I’m looking for information about the manufacturer of AO Force, but they don’t seem to have a website. Can you suggest where I could find info about them? Thanks.