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If there’s one thing that is fairly common with many diet pills and weight loss supplements, it’s that they are directed to be taken in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy eating plan. This basically encourages a healthier lifestyle and more weight reduction overall. However, one dietary supplement known as Apatrim does not need to be taken with a daily fitness regimen and healthy diet plan. It even says so on the official website. This weight loss capsule formula is available to anyone 18 and older without a doctor’s prescription and it sells for $29 directly through the official product website.

The official pitch for Apatrim on the website is “No Stimulants – No Starving – No Straining!” A whopping 100% of people that took the key active ingredient in Apatrim lost weight. Along the lines of some other diet pills and supplement formulas, this product aims to suppress the user’s appetite and/or curb hunger cravings. Although exercise and specific eating plans are not involved, the user sheds excess body fat simply because less food is desired and consumed. It is posted on the official website that Apatrim comes with a solid 90-day money-back guarantee (minus the shipping and handling fees). There are no free trial samples available at this time.


The complete list of ingredients is not available on the official website.

Product Features

Apatrim is a diet drug that is said to be suitable for individuals 18 and older. Although regular exercise and low-fat meals are not a factor, this supplement does aim to suppress your appetite and lead to fewer calories consumed. The primary active ingredient found in Apatrim is Caralluma Fimbriata Plant Extract. This diet supplement is supposed to begin working almost immediately. It is directed to be taken 30 minutes prior to eating lunch and dinner. Some clinical studies were performed with Apatrim under the supervision of one Dr. Ronald M. Lawrence. There are a couple of testimonials presented on the official website at this time.

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  • Apatrim comes in a simple and easy-to-manage capsule form that’s taken twice daily with water.
  • This weight loss supplement may assist some users with appetite suppression.
  • There are no known side effects mentioned with this product.


  • Apatrim does not appear to promote thermogenesis within the user’s body.
  • Individuals under the age of 18 should not take this weight loss product.
  • There are only two customer testimonials supporting Apatrim on the official website.
  • A full list of supplement ingredients is not provided on the official website, which may be a concern for individuals with allergies.


In the end, Apatrim is presented like so many other diet pills and weight loss supplements offered in today’s market. On the bright side, this product is offered with a 90-day money-back guarantee and does come in a convenient capsule form. Unfortunately, there aren’t many consumer reviews to back up claims made about Apatrim as an appetite suppressant. Furthermore, this weight loss supplement is not claimed to assist with fat burning, increasing metabolic rates, or even thermogenesis, which may deter some potential consumers.

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  • 1

    Apatrim worked wonders for me and I only took one pill a day about 30 minutes before lunch and I like to snack normally. But while using apatrim I had to force myself to eat lunch and dinner…I didn’t want to eat anymore. And after takin it for two weeks I had lost 8 pounds. When I ran out I decided to try something else and I am very sorry I did…I am going to order more apatrim! It worked for me!


  • 2

    It definitely suppresses my appetite. I modified the schedule a bit. I rarely have snacks between lunch and diner, however I go to bed very late. So, I take 2 pills before or right after a dinner at 6-7pm, then next two at about 10pm and have no food cravings till after midnight, and go to bed without eating anything, but not hungry! I have lost just 1-2 lbs so far, but I see it coming with healthy food and a little bit of excersise.


  • 3

    it said to take 30 min before meals.what if i take it and am unable to eat 45 to 50 min later


  • 4

    Okay people lets think about this! Take the pill, but don’t think its a mircle worker! if you think taken the pill and eating Fastfood and drinking soda and not trying to walk or jog it will work. NO you are wrong. A lot of people are saying it doesn’t work. Fine you must of been one of the lazy people who didnt try to change there intake of eating or any exercise then this is not for you then. Its like any other pill out there LESS INTAKE!! STOP GREASY FOOD!!


  • 5

    I have been taking this for 2 weeks and have no change whatsoever, very disappointed was hoping something would help me.



    don’t give up! They really work.


  • 6

    I been taking apatrim for a week now and did not feel no change. It does not control my appetite just a wast of money.


  • 7

    I do not know what body chemistry is required for Apatrim to work, but it did absolutely NOTHING for me. I ate the same, still low energy, zilch!!! It may work for someone but it did nothing at all for me! Now I know!


  • 8

    Took the entire bottle according to directions, I lost 0 ppunds, ate the same, no energy change, no appetite suppression…zilch!


  • 9
    Jo Listal

    Is it safe to take Apatrim while on other meds? More specifically antidepressant meds. Yhank you


  • 10

    I been on it for three days and I lost 4lbs. I like it if I would give any advice it would be to walk a lot and watch what u eat and drink plenty of 100%fruit juice and water no soda. And u will get results I’m down 30lbs from doing just that in 30 days



    Can I ask your age and overall physical condition? I’m intrigued that this worked so well for you and not others.


  • 11

    does this pill really work to lose weight???


  • 12

    does this diet pill interact with singular and lexapro? thank you!


  • 13

    I have taken this and it worked for me i lost 20 pounds takeing this medication, i went off for it for some time and i am looking for it now and can’t find it , it was the best thing for me, it worked.



    cvs has it.


  • 14
    Brenda Varnedoe

    Is there ANY ingredient that is harmful to asthmatics? I cannot take any prodcut which would interfere with my breathing – or thatwould cause rapid heartbeats.


  • 15

    Is apatrim okay to take with blood pressure meds.


  • 16
    frankie stotler

    can i take apatrim with blood pressure medication


  • 17
    frankie stotler

    can I take apatrim with my blood pressure medications?


  • 18

    I have been taking this item for two months. No changes in my appetite, feel more tired then before. I feel it was a waste of my money.


  • 19

    I have been taking this for 4 days now and I see No change.
    I feel even more hungry. This was a waste of my money.


  • 20

    I have a SEVERE allery to pumpkin is there anyway to find out if apatrim contains it? I really don’t wanna spend $29 and end up in the hospital lookin like a puffer fish…


  • 21

    If you people are on all this medication, then you obviously got it from a Dr. So, ask your Dr. if you can take apatrim. Not a bunch of strangers!!! Geez


    Richard Karpinski

    Hey, finding the right questions to ask is the hard part. If a good question is written here, someone might remember to ask that question when next in contact with an appropriate source of information. And somebody here might be able to relate the advice they thought they got from their appropriate source. Don’t give them a hard time for asking questions anywhere, encourage them. The questions we don’t think to ask are the ones we need good answers to, anyway, and this method might reveal one or two of those, so rejoice.



    why would they have gotten it from a doctor? i been on apitrim for about 4.5 months now and i have gotten it at places such as cvs pharmacy, rite aid,martins market,and i think i got it from gnc but im not sure about that one. u dont need a dr. script for this pill



    He meant their medications, not the diet pill.


  • 22
    Debbie Wood

    I have High blood pressure & am a diabetic , I take Diovan hct and Metforman , would it be safe for me to take Apatrim ?


  • 23

    is apatrim effective after
    its expiration date and if so for how long ?


  • 24
    Jacqueline Wilson

    I tak medication for asthma, cholesterol, blood pressure and thyroid. Is this medication safe for me.


  • 25

    Is apatrim safe for elderly to take? Or someone taking Bloodpressure meds?



    please answer question about blood pressure


    Joseph Chriss

    Is APATRIM safe for elderly on B.P. meds?


  • 26
    Kay Larson

    Having only one kidney, is this product safe for me to try????



    I have one kidney also and want to know if it has harmful effects for me.


  • 27
    lorraine johnson

    is apatrim safe along with prescription medications? ie lipitor levoxol


    Mavis McFarlane

    Is it compatible with warfarin?





    Henry Palao

    I take some medication for artrathis is it correct if I take Apatrim?.


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