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Apex Ultra Fat Burn is an interesting product from Apex Fitness. Apex Fitness promotes a caffeine free fat burner with no fat burning ingredients. That supplement contains a diuretic to make it look like the dieter is losing weight. This supplement, however, contains no caffeine, but it adds proven metabolism booster EGCG in place of caffeine. We also find a starch blocker and appetite suppressant thrown in to increase weight loss. This supplement, according to the ingredient list, is 100% caffeine free, yet the company does not use that as a marketing tool. When we looked further into the product, we found an ingredient label that showed caffeine as one of the ingredients. This ingredient is not revealed on the ingredient list in the product description.

List of Ingredients


  • Chromium
  • Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer
  • Green Tea standardized for EGCG
  • 5-HTP
  • Caffeine

Product Features

The ingredient list found in the product description and the list provided in label format are different. The product description shows EGCG, but the actual ingredient in the formula is 270 mg of green tea. The formula is lacking, only slightly, in green tea. Dieters typically want to take between 300 and 350 mg of green tea for maximum efficacy.

Caffeine is listed on the ingredient label, but not in the product description. However there is only 75 mg of caffeine per serving. This is the ideal amount to promote metabolism without leaving the dieter feeling jittery.

Chromium is another good ingredient. Chromium helps control blood glucose response so the dieter feels fewer cravings for carbohydrates. Phase 2 is a carb blocker, but it has little real effect on carbohydrate metabolism and weight loss.

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  • Ingredients are listed in label format.
  • Contains EGCG, green tea, caffeine and chromium.
  • Sold online from Apex Fitness.


  • Caffeine is not listed in the product description.
  • There is slightly less green tea than clinically proven.
  • If the dieter consumes no caffeine, this supplement could cause jitters for a couple days.
  • Should not be taken after noon, or poor sleep could result.


Apex Ultra Fat Burn is not a bad weight loss supplement. The formula contains quite a dose of green tea and just enough caffeine. Chromium is a good appetite suppressing addition, but the Phase 2 is pretty useless. We don’t like the fact that the ingredients are listed differently in the product description than they are on the product label. There are no testimonials or before and after pictures listed in the product description.

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