API Whey Protein Review

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What You Should Know

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API Whey Protein claims to be an extremely low carbohydrate protein powder. Low carb protein powders are important for bodybuilders in the cutting phase of competition preparation. During the cutting phase, low carb diets are often used to trim excess fat and help muscles appear more defined. If a protein powder contains a ton of carbohydrates, it can cause bloating and reduce the amount of weight lost during the cutting phase. Dieters can also use low carbohydrate API Whey Protein as a lean source of protein. Protein helps relieve appetite between meals.

List of Ingredients

Perform-X whey blend (cross filtered, cold processed, whey protein concentrate and micro-ultra filtered ion exchanged whey protein isolate), natural and artificial flavors, emulsifier, lecithin, sweetener, sucralose.

Product Features

The description for API Whey Protein claims a superior amino acid profile, extreme low carbohydrate level and lean muscle support. We agree with the lean muscle support, but the remaining claims are not as truthful. API Whey Protein does not have a superior amino acid profile compared to other protein powders. In fact, amino acids are present in all protein powders, this company just chooses to list each and every amino acid for greater effect.

The term extremely low carbohydrate means different things to different people. With products like Zero-Carb protein, we assumed this product would have one carb at most. Instead we see four carbohydrates per serving, three coming from sugars. We understand that carbohydrates move protein to muscles, but the bodybuilder looking for an extremely low carb shake can add carbohydrates to the shake of their choice. Four carbs per serving is not extremely low carb.

The average dieter can use API Whey Protein as an added ingredient in smoothies and shakes, but there is no vitamin and mineral complex to support use as a meal replacement. There are only 126 calories per serving. Each serving supplies 23 grams of protein and 2 grams total fat. Of those 2 grams of fat, more than half is saturated fat. This is another let down. Saturated fat is associated with heart disease and other diseases.

API Whey Protein sells for $50 per 5-pound canister. The protein is available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cookies and cream.

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  • Protein helps stave off hunger between meals.
  • Low calorie protein powder.
  • May support lean protein levels in reduce calorie diets.
  • Supports lean muscle growth.


  • The amino acid profile is nothing spectacular.
  • The product contains four carbohydrates for serving.
  • The powder contains sugars.
  • There are 1.5 grams of saturated fats per serving.


API Whey Protein is a protein powder supplement that may help the dieter control hunger between meals. The bodybuilder looking for a carb-free or ultra low carb protein shake may not be satisfied with four grams of carbohydrates per serving. The flavors are also a letdown – protein powders are commonly offered in the same four flavors.

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