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Apidrine is an appetite suppressant that you take orally one time a day. It also increases the body fat your body burns. So, taking Apidrine will cause your body to burn more body fat. You only have to take one pill a day, unlike most pills which are two or three a day. This is an over the counter pill with no prescription is required.

There is only one website with information on Apidrine. There is very little information. You cannot find the ingredients in Apidrine, nor any information other than it is an appetite suppressant. There are a few testimonials on the site, but that is it. You can only order Apidrine from the thinpills.com website and then you have to order a free trial. It does not offer a full bottle. You can see where a full bottle will cost $29.95, but there is no way to order it. One bottle consists of 15 pills.


None Available.

Product Features

Apidrine is a pill taken orally one time a day to suppress your appetite and burn fat. You can purchase a free trial from their website, but you will need to pay shipping and handling, which is $4.96. One bottle has 15 pills, so that would last you a half of a month. There doesn’t appear to be a way to claim a refund if the pills do work.

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  • Apidrine offer a free trial, but you must pay shipping and handling.
  • Apidrine has a couple of testimonials on their website.


  • The website is a basic one page site that offers only a free trial.
  • The Apridine website is lacking a lot of information, which is important for users to know.
  • No ingredients are viewable for this pill.
  • There is only one website available for the Apidrine pill.
  • You cannot find any reviews, or testimonials other than that one site which offers the pill.


Apidrine doesn’t seem to be a great pill, because of the lack of information about the pill. You cannot find any review or testimonials on it. The only testimonials you can find are the two located on their website. Their website is a very basic one page site that offers a free trial. You cannot purchase a bottle for refills if you do decide you would like more.

In each bottle you will only receive 15 pills which will only last you about two weeks. You would need two bottles for a full month. Looking at the price that is marked out, that would be $60 a month plus shipping.

The fact that there is a serious lack of information on this Apidrine pill should throw up a red flag. The fact that there is only one website with information on Apidrine should also throw up a red flag for this pill.

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