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The Apo E Gene Diet is a book written by Pamela McDonald, FA, WHCNP, PNP, FNP. In the book, she discusses how our diet interacts with this particular gene in our bodies to promote or reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and various other chronic diseases. If you are trying to lose weight to improve your overall health, you may be interested in learning about this program to ensure you are taking the utmost care of yourself.

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The Apo E Gene Diet basically encourages you getting a variety of tests to determine what kind of genes you have, and then helps you tailor your diet to support your genes and reduce the risk of developing a variety of chronic conditions, ranging from Alzheimer’s to heart disease. According to the text people have one of six different Apo E gene combinations. The combination you have affects the way your body processes food and responds to your environment. In terms of Alzheimer’s specifically, only 5% of the population carries the 4/4 gene, but for those 5%, not engaging in what the author calls a “gene-supportive” lifestyle, there is a 90% risk of developing Alzheimer’s. 20 to 30% of us have 4/3 and 4/2, but without the “gene-supportive” lifestyle, those people have a 49% chance of developing Alzheimer’s. While the author doesn’t advocate that everyone get genetic testing, she does provide tips for those who don’t want the testing to reduce their overall risk.

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  • The Apo E Gene Diet can help people develop a lifestyle that is best for their genetics.
  • This program can help you improve your overall health and reduce risk for chronic health conditions.


  • The Apo E Gene Diet does not really focus on weight loss.
  • To follow the suggestions in this book, you must pay for gene testing to learn what kind of genes you have.
  • Though weight loss is an important part of combating against any chronic disease, this is not a diet specifically meant for that.
  • This would be hard for a group of family members to follow, because not all genes will be exactly the same.
  • Lab testing is expensive.


The Apo E Gene Diet can help people learn more about their genes and how to eat a diet that will be most supportive for their body. Though gene testing is not always going to be affordable for everyone, there are tips and general health information for people who cannot do the testing. Though this is not targeted at weight loss specifically, following the menu and exercise advice can help you lose weight, which can improve your overall health. Adding a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant can also help you lose more weight in a shorter period of time.

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