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Appe-Curb, the “excusive professional formula” is a dietary supplement manufactured by XYMOGEN, and is claimed to assist with drug, alcohol and carbohydrate cravings. These “vegetable capsules” aim to help users lose weight by curbing appetite, improving energy levels and regulating serotonin within the body. A price for Appe-Curb is not posted on the official website, nor are any user testimonials. This supplement is directed to be taken twice each day with water, 4 capsules before breakfast and 4 capsules before lunch. Users are not to take Appe-Curb supplements after 3pm due to issues they may cause with falling asleep.

The key ingredients found in Appe-Curb capsules are 5-Hydroxytryptophan (a natural amino acid that suppresses appetite), dl-Phenylalanine (curbs hunger by sending a signal to the brain), L-Tyrosine (improves mood and alertness), L-Glutamine (reduces carbohydrate cravings) and Chromium (balances blood glucose levels). Appe-Curb is offered in 120C or 240C doses. There is no 100% money-back guarantee presented on the official website for Appe-Curb supplements. A specific diet plan and/or fitness regimen are not discussed on the website. Unfortunately there are no free trial samples of Appe-Curb capsules available at this time.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin C, Magnesium Stearate, Vitamin B6, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, dl-Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, Maltodextrin and Chromium.

Product Features

Appe-Curb is a weight loss product that endeavors to help men and women with alcohol, drug and carbohydrate cravings. Primary active components incorporated into Appe-Curb capsules are 5-Hydroxytryptophan (a natural amino acid that suppresses appetite), dl-Phenylalanine (curbs hunger by sending a signal to the brain), L-Tyrosine (improves mood and alertness), L-Glutamine (reduces carbohydrate cravings) and Chromium (balances blood glucose levels). These diet supplements are claimed to curb appetite, improve energy levels and regulate serotonin within the body. Clinical evidence regarding the effectiveness of Appe-Curb is not available on the official website.

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  • Appe-Curb comes in a convenient capsule form.
  • Appe-Curb is suitable for men and women.
  • A full ingredient list for Appe-Curb capsules is presented on the official website.


  • Ingredients found in Appe-Curb supplements may not be suitable for all dieters.
  • Taking 8 capsules per day could be too much for many dieters.
  • There is no 100% satisfaction guarantee posted for Appe-Curb on the official website.
  • No customer testimonials are offered for Appe-Curb on the website.
  • There isn’t any clinical research or evidence provided on the website to support the claimed effectiveness of Appe-Curb.
  • No free trial samples of Appe-Curb supplements are available at this time.
  • It’s unclear on the official website where Appe-Curb capsules can be purchased and how much they cost.


In the end, Appe-Curb supplements are not presented in the most professional manner. Not only is the official website lacking clinical data on the diet drug, but there is no price or order information posted for the weight reduction product either. On the bright side, a full list of ingredients are offered for Appe-Curb. However, it would also be nice to see some customer testimonials, free trial samples of the diet capsules and a 100% money-back guarantee.

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  • 1

    Any possible issue relating female periods? I have been taking 1 pill a day for few months and suddenly I am late on my period, which is strange since I am usually very regular. Please let me know.


  • 2

    Xymogen products are prescribed under the supervision of a health care professional. They are not intended to be for sale to the public, therefore saying they’re not presented professionally is silly. That aside, my wife has been taking appe-curb for mood swings. She has been losing weight pretty rapidly and she is so much more balanced now. Her mood swings have been reduced to a minimum. So far, we’re very happy with it.


  • 3
    I believe!

    Appe-Curb is AMAZING. I did a urine analysis through my homeopathic doctor and finally had a answer for my moodiness! I originally thought I was a sufferer of ADD as well. At the suggestion of the doctor I started talking 8 capsules a day (perhaps too much for those complaining of shaking/vomiting) and I’ve been a different person ever since. While it didn’t curb my desire for carbs, it took away my desire to smoke cigarettes (have since quit). 4 capsules in the morning with a cup of coffee and you won’t find anyone more productive (and happy) than me!


  • 4

    I’ve been taking Appe-Curb on and off this year. I started it because I went on a low-carb diet and had SEVERE mood swings. I couldn’t stop crying. Within a day or two on the Appe-Curb, I felt so great! I had more energy, and felt happy! I would take this consistently if it weren’t for the high price tag.



    Does it make you fill shaky or heat waves?


  • 5
    Jeanette Hinks

    I started taking Appe-curb in July 2010 to try to lose 20 pounds I put on after Menopause. I’ve been shedding pounds without cravings approx 10 pounds every month. It did something else I didn’t expect. In less than 28 hours I noticed a spike in my libido that has lasted as long as I’ve been on it! My husband is delighted as I am! It seems to improve blood flow to the area. Way to go, Xymogen!


  • 6
    Byron Durham

    I’ve been taking Appe-curb for the past eight months per the direction of my nutritionist, who put me on a restricted carb diet of 1800 calroies/day, and have lost over thirty pounds. It does help with the carb cravings – the times I’ve run out of Appe-curb I’ve noticed an increase in cravings. I only take four capsules/day, as eight capsules/day seemed to affect my sleep. Once I reduced the dosage, the sleep issue went away.



    I just started taking this today. After both doses I begin to feel nauseous and have vomited. Has anyone else encountered this?



    yes i do feel the creve of vomiting ,but what i do is breath slowly very deep, and the nauseas go away


  • 7
    Maury McDonald

    At my doctor’s advice I started taking Appe-curb and within 24 hrs my libido was kicked into overdrive. Several other of his patients, both male and female, reported the same! BTW, yes, it did remove the craving for carbs. I can eat cookies, but I don’t HAVE to.


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