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Our appetite is stimulated by a wide range of things, such as sight and smell and, of course, hunger! Those who wish to lose weight, often say that the biggest challenge is controlling hunger pangs and their appetite. There is, however, a part of our brain known as the appestat, that actually controls hunger. The appestat is located in the hypothalamus region of the brain. The appestat has the role of signalling to our body when we are hungry and when we are full. The appestat is something that has been fine-tuned over thousands of years, and a number of diet experts explain that there are a number of things which can interfere with the proper regulation mechanism of the appestat, such as eating processed foods, cakes, and foods that contain a large amount of fat. They say that this fools the appestat into thinking that you are full, yet in fact with these sorts of food it is often only an artificial state of fullness, which quickly leads to further eating. They say that for the appestat to function properly and efficiently we should eat a diet high in cereals, fruit and vegetables, which is what our ancestors ate a great deal of in the past.

Of course many weight loss supplements claim that they can suppress your appetite, and some claim that they can actually have a direct effect on the appestat region of the brain. Fenfluramin is, for example, a Chinese appetite suppresant that claims to directly affect the appestat region in the brain. Unfortunately, there seem to have been a large number of people, particularly in Asian countries such as Japan and Singapore where this type of supplement was widely for sale, who have experienced liver failure after taking weight loss products which contain Fenfluramin. Following a number of tragic cases diet pills such as Slim 10, which contained the alleged appestat-regulating ingredient Flenfluramin, were banned in Singapore, and a number of other Asian countries.

The US Company Right Size makes a number of meal replacement drinks that they say they claim lead to weight loss. They tell us on their official website that the appestat can be controlled with green tea and cinnamon, which are the main ingredients in their products. The use of the term appestat in this context may cause some confusion and may of course lead some people to believe that the manufacturers of these meal replacement drinks are claiming that they will have a direct effect on the appestat region in the brain. There is no evidence however that these meal replacement shakes affect appestat more directly than others on the market.


Although great advances have been made over the last twenty years at understanding how the brain functions, there is no doubt that there is a lot left to learn on the brain and also the region in the brain known as the appestat which controls our appetite. However, most experts agree that weight loss products are a short term solution and that in order to re-train the appestat region of the brain in order to reduce weight, the long term solution is a healthy and balanced diet. However, there are some diet supplements out their that could help out when it comes to getting this process started.

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