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Appethyl is an ingredient most dieters will not be familiar with because it has not yet hit the market. Green Medical AB is the company behind the ground-breaking spinach extract. The extract was honored to be named one of the finalists for the NutraCon NutrAward as of February 2013. Green Medical Abs official website explains the extract as a derivative of spinach that decreases appetite, reduce waist size and improve glucose and cholesterol levels. There is mention of clinical studies, but no links to such studies. We were able to find some studies on the active portion of Appethyl and appetite.

List of Ingredients


  • Thylakoids

Product Features

Thylakoids are nothing new. When we researched the spinach derivative we found studies from the 1970s, but current studies are also available. According to one study completed in 2009, thylakoids added to one high-fat meal sparked changes in the body that helped ease hunger after the meal. The changes took effect between two and six hours after the meal was consumed. Insulin levels were also affected in a positive manner – reducing insulin reaction to the meal. We found additional, similar studies from 2007.

For a relatively unknown weight loss ingredient, thylakoids have a strong clinical history. We are unsure why this ingredient has not been promoted as an appetite suppressant to date, but Appethyl is poised to break the market and make lots of money as the primary source of this (soon-to-be) patented ingredient.

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  • Clinically proven to suppress appetite.
  • Works hours after consumption.
  • Derived from all-natural spinach.
  • Patents pending.
  • Fills a gap in the weight loss market.


  • Not currently used in any weight loss supplements as of February 2013.
  • Does not address increasing metabolism.
  • No large-scale clinical studies have been completed.


Appethyl is an amazing ingredient that could be the answer to weight loss issues for millions of people. Hormonal changes in the brain sparked by Appethyl suppress appetite. The ingredient works as a prebiotic and helps maintain healthy insulin levels. When this ingredient hits the weight loss market, we can expect a long list of new supplements touting the weight loss benefits of Appethyl, but controlling hunger is just one aspect of supplemental weight loss. The best formulas will contain other clinically proven ingredients like caffeine and green tea. We’ll have to wait and see just how the Appethyl story ends or, in this case, begins.

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  • 1

    It seems to work for hunger and sweets BUT I seem to have a ache in my side
    for a long time since taking the Appethyl upon test they say I have a fatty liver and every time I drink the Appethyl I notice the ache in my side .
    has anyone else experienced any side affects?


  • 2

    I heard appethyl tablets reviewed on the radio yesterday by a Dr. so I started searching online I can’t seem to find the tablets anywhere. Can you tell me where I can purchase


  • 3

    Where can I buy appethyl tablets


  • 4

    i live in a very remote place so i need to know where they sell appethyl


  • 5

    GNC has appidex. They claim that it has appethyl in it. I read the first mag article. I’m going to make the spinach smoothie and add the appidex and yogurt. I just found the hydroxycut appetite control at Walgreens. It is a powder. I am on my way to pick it up. My birthday is in March and I want to have dropped 2 dress sizes. Of course I’ll work out, eat right and yada-yada-yada but for right now this is my motivation!


  • 6
    Debi Bainter

    You need to update as new report out and it came back as being like a gastric bypass without surgery from “FIRST” 1/19/15. Great report out of Sweden. Hydroxycut Appetite Control. Can’t wait to try!!!!!!



    Do you appeythl is like the gastric bypass ?


  • 7

    Is there a trial offer available and if not how/where can I order it?


  • 8
    Kris omakkey

    Will it be in US soon?


  • 9

    When will app ethyl become available here? I read an article that it is available in Scandinavia now. Is there some way to purchase it from a company there?



    Now available in walgreens



    Is Appethyl available in Canada yet?


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