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What You Should Know

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There is not a great deal of detailed information available on Appetrex C. It is manufactured by GNC. GNC produces a wide range of health care supplements, and also operate a popular chain of health stores. They tell us that, in conjunction with a weight management program, Appetrex C will help to control your food intake and will eventually reduce the amount of calories that you intake. The major active ingredient in Appetrex C seems to be green tea. It is said that green tea, as well as having important antioxidant qualities, will also increase the rate of your metabolism. Green tea is now becoming one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss supplements on the market today.


There is not a comprehensive ingredient list available for Appetrex C, however, some online health stores which sell it tell us that the product contains, green tea, B vitamins and Vitamin C.

Product Features

There is no official website for Appetrex C. There are however some testimonials available written by those who have apparently tried this product. Some of the testimonials report weight loss success with Appetrex C. Other testimonials available list side effects of nausea and stomach upset. This may possibly be due to the Vitamin C in this product. Appetrex is sold on online health stores at a price of $9.97 for 80 tablets.

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  • Appetrex C is very reasonably price.
  • We do know that green tea. which is present in Appetrex C, does have important antioxidant properties.
  • There are testimonials available on the web for Appetrex C.


  • There is a lack of detailed information available on Appetrex C.
  • Testimonials have reported side effects of nausea and stomach upsets with this product.
  • The market is saturated with weight loss products that contain green tea as a major active ingredient. There is nothing in particular that distinguishes Appetrex C from other weight loss supplements on the market that also contains green tea as an ingredient.
  • There is no official website for Appetrex C.

The Bottom Line

The manufacturers of Appetrex make a number of claims for this weight loss supplement. They tell us that Appetrex C will help reduce your calorie intake and control your food intake. However they do not provide any clinical evidence to back up their claims. There are so many weight loss supplements now on the market that contain green tea, that manufacturers will have to work harder to convince consumers that their product is superior to other similar products that are available. Unfortunately GNC do not present any evidence to convince us that you will lose weight if you take Appetrex C. A step in the right direction perhaps would be an official website constructed to present more detailed information on Appetrex C than what is available from GNC at the moment.

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    I just purchased Appetrex Control at GNC. I asked for Seffron and this is what the person at the store gave me. After reading the ingredients I see nothing on Saffron being a part of the ingredients. Is Saffron an ingredient in this product?