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ApplePoly is supposed to make you lose weight without diet or exercise. It is made from pure sour apple peelings with nothing else added to provide a completely natural weight loss option. ApplePoly is described as a pill that will make you lose organ fat and in return, make you lose weight.

This product was tested on mice in Japan, and the results showed a 50% increase in their lifespan. An all natural product with animal testing? It doesn’t seem to make sense.

The website does not do much to speak for the product, and if at all would turn most people away. Though the presentation is nice and there is correct spelling and grammar, statements such as, “You can’t buy this product in a store. Your doctor hasn’t even heard of it yet. Or your neighbors, or dear friends, or family members who may be suffering and need help. But now you know… ” is quite a turn off. The website is presented much like a sales page and not really for informational purposes.


Sour Green Apple Peelings, meant to provide apple polyphenols which are said to reduce the amount fat stored in the belly. This is the only ingredient in ApplePoly, which prides itself on providing a holistic approach with no fillers or additives.

Product Features

The website does not explain how to take ApplePoly. It does offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. For one bottle of 60 pills, you will pay $48.95 for shipping and handling. Taking ApplePoly is supposed to make you lose weight without exercising or dieting.

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  • There is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
  • All natural formula contains no fillers and is safe to take.


  • ApplePoly has not been approved by the FDA.
  • Website seems too much like a sales page and not good for information.
  • Probably will not be effective.


No amount of weight can be lost without eating properly and exercising, unless the weight is water. In order for the weight loss to be fat loss, fat burners and appetite suppressants should be present in any supplement. Losing weight without working for it is a dream. The holistic approach certainly has appeal, though honestly, taking apple peelings will probably do nothing for you in terms of weight loss and though the site says there is a money back guarantee, it may be one you have to fight for. Move on to another product which uses proven ingredients and is safe for you. Even with combining this approach with diet and exercise, it does not really look like it will do anything to help.

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  • 1

    Does it have any side effect? contains caffeine??? Im 47 years old and I need to loose 10- 15 pounds. Do u think this could work for me??? answer me pleaseee!!


  • 2

    I’m not over weight but i have excess fat in the belly are.Really want to get rid of it.I tried excersise, i loose weight but the belly fat is so stuburn it just sit there and laught at me so i order my supplie since this product is natural.Will leave a comment to share if it works for me.



    Hey just wanna know if it worked for you? I also have the same problem as you & am curious in trying it!



    Did the apple poly work?