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What You Should Know

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Applied Nutriceuticals focuses on a plan based on nutritional supplements that boost energy, among other benefits. They claim to use the most effective ingredients based on recent research. This website seems to be geared toward athletes and people who would like to exercise more but don’t have the energy. Almost all of their seven products claim to increase energy level. Their products claim to be all-natural supplements with no filler ingredients.

Although Applied Nutriceuticals does emphasize exercise as part of a healthy life, they mention nothing about healthy eating. Simply taking dietary supplements and exercising is not enough to lose weight. Taking only these products will not give you perfect health either, although that is what the manufacturer seems to imply.

List of Ingredients

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There are seven nutritional supplements produced by this manufacturer. A complete list of ingredients for each supplement is available on the home page.

Product Features

This program has several benefits: first, each customer has a variety of supplements to choose from. You can choose the product you believe will best meet your needs. Also, most of these products have very few, if any, filler ingredients. Another benefit of this website is that they do give several testimonials from satisfied customers. However, although they claim to base their products on clinical research, no expert medical opinions on any of their products are provided.

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  • One advantage is that the website features several testimonials for each product.
  • Applied Nutriceuticals allows the customer to see the label for each product before purchasing it. This is a benefit because the customer will be able to see exactly what each supplement contains.


  • Although most of these products claim to increase weight loss, most of the reviews focus on energy increase.
  • Also, although Applied Nutriceuticals claims to produce all-natural products, a few of their supplements contain one or two non-natural active ingredients or harmful chemicals as filler ingredients. For example, one supplement contains caffeine, a diuretic, as an active ingredient.
  • Another disadvantage of this website is that they do not provide before and after pictures of the satisfied customers.
  • Although these products claim to have many health benefits, the website does not provide specific information about how and why their products work.
  • Another disadvantage of this manufacturer is that they are constantly changing their products in an attempt to improve them. However, this may indicate that the ingredients they use have not been sufficiently tested.


Although using one of Applied Nutriceuticals will probably increase your energy level, it may not help you lose weight. In order to lose weight, you would probably have to combine use of one of these products with a diet and exercise program. Also, the long-term effects of using one of these products may be harmful to your health. While these products have some benefits, keep in mind that there are several other options that are more natural, and will help you lose weight faster.

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