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Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner has an official website with ingredient information, direct ordering and a list of retailers that sell the product. The liquid soft gels increase metabolism faster than tablets or capsules, according to the product description. There are warnings associated with Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner.  According to the label, ingredients in the formula are known to cause birth defects.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea Extract and Caffeine.

Vitality Boost: Eleuthero Powder, Holy Basil Extract, Yerba Mate Powder, Schisandra Powder and Asian Ginseng Root.

Antioxidant Boost: Bilberry Powder, Blueberry Extract, European Elder Powder, Grape Skin Extract and Pomegranate Fruit Powder.

Product Features

Despite the warning on the product label, there is no reference to the specific ingredient that is known to cause birth defects. Typically, fat burners are not supposed to be taken when a woman is pregnant, so avoiding this product is crucial to the safety of the fetus.

Green tea extract and caffeine are the first two ingredients in Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner. These are proven ingredients in the right quantities. There are 400 mg of green tea and 160 mg of caffeine. Both amounts are sufficient to increase metabolism and boost weight loss. Green tea contains caffeine, so adding more caffeine to the supplement could cause problems for dieters sensitive to caffeine. Common side effects of taking too much caffeine include jitters, nausea and loss of appetite.

The first proprietary blend contains Eleuthero root, another name for Siberian Ginseng. Asian ginseng is also included in the supplement. Ginseng is commonly associated with focus and mental acuity, but neither ingredient has any effect on metabolism or weight loss.

Holy basil may help control blood glucose levels to fight off hunger. Yerba mate has a stimulating effect on the body, bringing the total number of stimulants to three. Schisandra may have a calming effect on the body, but we could find no fat burning properties.

The remaining ingredients are antioxidants that help fight off free radical damage. Free radicals may increase when a dieter loses weight, so antioxidants are important to protecting health during weight loss.

Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner sells for $11.99, much cheaper compared to other fat burners.

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  • Green tea is a proven weight loss ingredient.
  • Caffeine will boost metabolism.
  • There are enough of the main, proven ingredients to be effective.


  • Some ingredients may cause birth defects.


While Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner includes two of the best weight loss ingredients, there is a warning to women about potential birth defects. Taking a weight loss supplement should be safe and effective. There is no reason to take a supplement that increases risk of harm.

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