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Aprinol claims to attack the Upper Body Adiposity, or UBA, otherwise known as the apple shaped body which has at stores in the abdomen, waist, upper arms, chest and back. Aprinol claims to help people who take it with four different things: burning fat 24 hours a day, enhance endurance and energy levels, increased concentration and alertness, along with increasing the metabolism-without the mention of exercise and proper diet.


The ingredients in Aprinol include Alkaloids formula 20mg, caffeine 200 mg, and Acetylsalicylic 324 mg. The website does not provide any information on these ingredients or how they work to help Aprinol accomplish what it claims.

Product Features

A daily dose of Aprinol features the amount of caffeine in about six cups of coffee. The fact that caffeine is known to boost the metabolism by up to 10% is a selling point for the product. Because no information is offered on the ingredients or the history of said ingredients, it is hard to discuss the features of Aprinol. The suggested dosage of Aprinol is 2 caplets three times a day for a total amount of six pills each day-meaning each capsule contains the caffeine in one cup of coffee.

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  • Orders over $200 are shipped free.
  • Shipping can be calculated before purchases are made to help the customer decide whether or not to proceed.


  • No in-depth information on the ingredients and how they work.
  • Expensive product at $119.95-$169.95 per 180 count bottle, which amounts to a one month supply.
  • Product label is not available and therefore it is unknown if there are any warnings or concerns regarding the product.
  • Poor return policy charges a 25% re-stocking fee. Customers are also responsible for all return shipping fees in order to return the product for the 75% refund. No word on how long a refund takes.
  • Claims it can help without diet or exercise.


Do some more research before purchasing this one. The site claims Aprinol will help lose weight without any diet or exercise, and then claims it is valuable product to any weight loss efforts. Contact information to reach the company is provided on the website, though the telephone number is not toll free. Anyone looking for a good weight loss product should probably find one they know to be more reliable and a little less expensive. Spending $120-$170 per month to lose weight seems insane, as a healthy diet may be purchased for that amount of money. Aprinol does not contain ingredients seen in other weight loss products and contains no proven fat burner. A too good to be true product, probably is, and therefore a waste of money.

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