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What You Should Know

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APS refers to Advanced Performance Supplements-a company that specializes in nutritional and fat burning supplements for diets and exercise. The company is well-known for their innovation.

APS offers a number of different products, including Plasmagen, Phenadrine, Mesomorph, White Lightning, and Yellow Thunderad. Most of these products are available as capsules, though Mesomorph is a powder.

List of Ingredients

Of course, the ingredients differ between each APS product, but most contain anabolic agents, thermogenic fat burners, and other ingredients that are intended to raise metabolism.

Product Features

APS works very hard to keep their prices affordable-generally $40-50 for a 60-capsule bottle.

Some body-builders using APS products have reported significant muscle growth.

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  • Dietary supplements that aid in burning fat are proven to be quite effective.
  • APS has established a reputation for being cutting-edge and using the most recent advances in nutritional fitness.
  • Many consumers have found APS products to be quite effective. With careful use and understanding of their intended purpose, you can expect to see a real difference from using these products.


  • While it is an advantage for some that APS is cutting-edge, it could also be a concern for others-new innovations are not generally as well-tested and safe as older, well-proven products.
  • APS products are very strong. In particular, the anabolic agents are serious dietary ingredients that should be taken with care.
  • APS products are not dieting supplements. In fact, most, people that use the products begin to gain weight (from additional muscle). It is important to recognize the purpose of these products-specifically for adding muscle.
  • Because APS products are designed for building muscle, they will not be as effective apart from significant exercise and a high protein diet.
  • The web-site for APS is quite limited. More extended information, such as detailed lists of ingredients, is not available online.
  • Customers cannot buy APS products directly. Instead, you must find a distributor who carries them. A fairly large number of vendors are available online.


APS offers a broad range of products that follow a proven concept-helping the body burn fat and build muscle more effectively. In particular, the thermogenic fat burners they offer are an excellent way to help make dieters more successful.

On the other hand, consumers should be careful in how they use APS products. These supplements are very strong, and should be used only by people that know how to do so responsibly. The strong anabolic agents that these products contain are particularly dangerous.

In general, anyone that chooses APS products should be careful and understand the intended purpose. Though the products are powerful, they can also have unintended negative consequences for people that do not know how to use them properly.

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