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Aqua Flora is a powerful homeopathic treatment for yeast and fungus overgrowth. The original formula was changed into a stronger form as Aqua Flora High Potency, which also includes garlic and aloe vera.

Aqua Flora has had impressive results in treating Candidiasis (Yeast infections)-a condition that some experts say may affect 1/3 of Americans, even though most cases are undiagnosed.

List of Ingredients

Candida Albicans 100c, (the cells are dead); Allium Sativum 6c (garlic), Aloe Soecotrina 6c (aloe vera), and Purified Water.

Product Features

Aqua Flora needs no refrigeration.

Aqua Flora tastes like water and is extremely simple to use-two tablespoons daily.

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  • According to some reports, Aqua Flora has been successful where every other attempt to treat yeast or fungus infections failed.
  • The product is natural and those who use it can be quite confident that it is safe.
  • Most users begin to see results in a very short period of time: often 5-10 days.


  • For the treatment to be effective, you must make quite a few other changes to your diet and lifestyle. This includes totally avoiding all deserts and sugary foods, all breads and flour products, all cheeses, all alcoholic beverages. One begins to wonder what foods you can eat during this treatment. Even more discouraging, the information for Aqua Flora also warns that long-term treatment may be required.
  • A total of four bottles are required for a full treatment. With shipping, this can amount to as much as $120.
  • About 20% of user experience “die off,” which happens when many Candida cells die at the same time. The result is flu-like symptoms.
  • Some users have reported that Aqua Flora only controlled their symptoms rather than eliminating the problem altogether.
  • Aqua Flora is limited to treating yeast or fungus infections. It is not a weight loss product or a metabolism booster.


Overall, this product claims to be quite effective for the condition it is intended to treat (Candida). The biggest weakness is the amount of change that individuals must make to their diet and lifestyle for it to be effective. These changes are so extensive, it is hard to imagine that most users are able to stick to the diet affectively. Furthermore, one wonders how much the results are due to the product itself, and how much the results are simply due to the rigorous diet.
It is also clear that Aqua Flora is not a weight loss or fitness product. Some have reported losing weight, but it is not hard to see that anyone would have to lose weight if they used the diet that Aqua Flora requires. Those who want to lose weight by this method should simply go on the diet. For those that are desperate to try any solution for treating Candida, this product claims to make a difference.

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    Lyn Smith

    Can you take medications before taking Aqua Flora how much time should you wait between meds and Aqua Flora?