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Aquafull is a drink mix designed to help you feel full so that you can diet more comfortably. Aquafull is marketed together with the Fulbar-a protein bar made out of puffed wheat.

Aquafull comes in small packets that you mix with a bottle of water. The mix comes in three flavors: Zesty Lemon Tea, Berry Bliss and Pomegranate Orange. Of course, the company recommends that you use Aquafull together with a Fullbar.

List of Ingredients

Besides the flavorings, the main ingredients of Aquafull are Gymnema Sylvestre
Green Tea. Of these two, the main ingredient is Green Tea (500-1000mg). Other ingredients include Inulin (chicory and/or Jerusalem artichoke), citric acid, beet powder color, natural flavor, sweet potato and corn maltodextrins, sucralose.

Product Features

The packets that Aquafull comes in are quite small and convenient to use.

Many users report that the flavor of Aquafull is actually tolerable-better than many diet drinks.

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  • Aquafull claims that it is better than drinking water because it includes antioxidants and metabolizers. It also helps you enjoy your water more by giving it some flavor.
  • The green tea may help with thermogenic fat burning.
  • Aquafull may provide you with a lower-calorie alternative to Crystal Light or other drink mixes if you are already accustomed to using these kinds of products.
  • Once you have bought the packets, they may give you a reason to consistently drink a large cup of water before each meal. In other words, the very fact that you spent the money may be extra motivation to go ahead and drink water like you should!


  • Some of the marketing for Aquafull is misleading. For instance, together with the Fullbar, this product is supposed to be as successful as gastric bypass surgery. However, this is far from accurate, and users have reported that the results are less than dramatic.
  • With the ingredients in Aquafull and the small amount of the mix itself, it is hard to see how it helps reduce your appetite more than drinking water. Really, the idea is quite simple-if you drink a large glass of water a few minutes before meal time you won’t eat as much. If someone wants flavoring for their water, why couldn’t they just use lemon juice?
  • Aquafull is relatively expensive-usually about $15 not counting shipping for a box of 20 packets. With shipping, this divides out to almost $1 for each mix.


Aquafull is a good but quite expensive way to add flavoring to your water. However, the main benefits for dieting hardly go beyond the advantage of drinking more water. Contrary to the impression its marketing gives, aquafull will not make you feel especially full or give you nutrients that have significant impact on your dieting. The much cheaper alternative is to use a natural flavoring such as lemon juice and accomplish the same results.

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6 User Reviews about Aquafull

  • 1

    hi yes i would like to know where i can shop for the aquafull that i mix with water a drink i had got it at a 99 cent store in peoria az i live i sun city az.
    i like it and want more.
    thank you anna


  • 2
    Sue Bell

    where can I purchase this in or around Cartersville, Ga. 30120


  • 3

    I tend to feel hungry all throughout the day and night, and I have found that this product does help curve my appetite.I don’t drink it before meals,but I drink one during the day and one in the evening and finding myself not snacking between meals and at night like I normally do.I have tried many appetite suppressants,and think this is the best one so far.


  • 4

    Aquafull worked great for me and I have lost about thirty pounds so far. I highly recommend it. It really works and I had to remind myself ot eat whan taking it.


  • 5
    Phyllis Sosdian

    Does aquafull help with bloating and IBS


  • 6
    Phillip Morgan

    It is very much helpful to reduce our body weight.. it is in a liquid form so it is easy to have.. no side effects from this product.. i am regular user of the product…