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So you bought a canister of drink powder and you want to mix up your favorite drink mix at work or while you’re exercising. Now you have to figure something out. You really don’t want to bring the entire canister with you to work every day; it really isn’t going to work to carry that with you on your runs. Scooping out a few tablespoons into 50 Ziploc bags doesn’t sound like great fun either. What do you do?

AquaJoe is a small, vial-shaped container for your drink powders with a built in scoop. So you scoop up the powder, seal it in the canister, and use it whenever you’re ready. Problem solved!

Of course, AquaJoe is not a dietary supplement and does not include any kind of drink powder. It is simply a convenience container for carrying your preferred drink mix.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features

AquaJoe comes with a carrying clip for your bottle, bike, or water holder. You can hook multiple AquaJoes together and carry them as units.

You can print a safety ID for your AquaJoe using the automated online template. Obviously, AquaJoe is compatible with any powdered drink mix.

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  • This device combines the convenience of a scoop, a sealed container, and a dispenser. The result is the convenience of individual packages without the extra expense or additional garbage.
  • With measurement lines on the side of the transparent vial, you can conveniently see how much mix you are using.
  • Each dispenser holds 3 tablespoons-about the amount many drink mixes require.
  • At $15 for two dispensers, AquaJoe is competitively priced and available online.


  • The scoop sticks up when the canister is sealed, making the container much less portable or convenient. It is too large to have in your pocket while running or biking, but if the scoop was removable, it might work.
  • There is only one size available-three tablespoons.
  • AquaJoe only comes in packs of two. It would be helpful if customers had the option of purchasing only one.
  • It is hard to clean the narrow flask.
  • The safety ID requires you to use label paper or attach it to the flask some other way.


AquaJoe is a good idea that could be better. Many runners, bikers, and sports enthusiasts would love this device if it were easier to carry. In particular, the large scoop is simply in the way. It is also unclear how the device would be used in real life. Do you carry it in case you might buy bottled water in the middle of a run? If you have a bottle on your bike, why can’t you just add the drink mix before you leave? Most of the time it is convenient to use the large canister at home, and in the few cases where you might need to carry the mix with you, you might buy some pre-packaged mixes. There are some legitimate uses for AquaJoe, but not as many as one might initially think.

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