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Arasys was conceived by the company Lemuria. Lemuria tell us that the technology on which Lemuria was designed are based on the work of the Nobel Prize winner Gerry Pollock, who was also the co-creator of the pacemaker. The official website for Arasys tells us that the Arasys machine uses waveform technology to help you lose inches and weight. The website says that it is unlike other machines designed to lose inches as it does not use electrical currents. Instead, they say the Arasys machine uses a composite of a thousand wave forms that actually “mimic” brain waves. This means that the muscle tissue is made to believe that it is a performing a muscle toning workout, even though it is actually still at rest.


There are no ingredients since the Arasys machine is a toning and weight loss machine.

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There is an official Lemuria website for Arasys which explains in detail the background behind the product and the history of the work of Gerry Pollock, on whose research the Arasys machine is based. The official Arasys website also shows before and after pictures of users. We are told that the device is registered by the Food and Drugs Administration as Class One, which means that according to the Food and Drugs Administration, there is minimal risk involved in using this machine. There are, however, a very long list of user cautions given on the website. You should not, for example, use the Arasys machine if you already have a pacemaker, have had a hysterectomy, have any kind of heart problems or have varicose veins. Anyone thinking of using the Arasys machine should look at the website to see the full list of cautions. The website claims that you will lose two to eight inches with every 25 minute session with the Arasys machine. The website does not appear to give any details of price. If you are interested in purchasing the Arasys machine there is a number to call, or otherwise there is a form to fill out online, and the company says that someone will get back to you.

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  • There is an official website for Arasys.
  • The website gives comprehensive and detailed information regarding the technology on which the machine is based.
  • Arasys has been registered as a Class One device by the Food and Drugs Administration.


  • The website does not seem to give any details on the purchase price.
  • The Arasys machine should not be used by anyone who is diabetic.
  • Anyone who already has a pacemaker should not use the machine.
  • There is a long use of cautions surrounding the use of the machine.


The technology on which this machine is based, certainly seems to be backed by science. However, this is not the only weight loss and inch-reducing machine on the market backed by science, and one is left to wonder why these “sure thing” machines aren’t more popular. At the moment we do not have any evidence that Arasys achieves superior results to other similar devices, and the machine also comes with a long list of warnings. Many users could find a simple oral supplement to be more effective and more convenient.

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  • 1
    Jennifer Low

    Does anyone know if someone has the Arasys in Singapore?


  • 2
    Jennifer Low

    I love the Arasys. Got great results from Dr Sutina in Kuala Lumpur. Just love it. I can’t wait to go back to Kuala Lumpur and get another package of Arasys treatments . It made me look great and feel great


  • 3
    Balaceanu Georgeta

    When it will be in Kuwait as a traning for this machine ?


  • 4
    Janette Wong, M.D

    We have the Arasys in our Med Spa for the past two years. I think it is a miracle machine. It has brought us a great steady income and repeat patients. Patient retention is superb. We then bought the Ion Magnum and the IELLIOS which are manufactured by the same company in the US and we are now basing our practice around these technologies. We get great results. The only problem is what to do with all the other machines we have acummulated over the years



    What is the price of this machine.


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