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Arbonne is a Swiss skin-care company that sells its products through thousands of individual salespeople. The Bio Nutria series is a group of products that claim to conveniently improve your daily lifestyle by making you healthier. This extends to Arbonne’s four goals of health, fitness, longevity, and remedy.

To achieve these goals, the Bio Nutria series includes twelve products, treating everything from leg veins to colon cleansing to lip ointment. All of these products are made from herbs and other natural ingredients.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients are different in each product, but include both herbs and more synthetic incredients, such as menthol.

Product Features

The Bio-Nutria system claims to provide for most of your health needs in the four Arbonne goals. For fitness, this includes muscle massage gel; for longevity the series offers the heart formula, treatment for leg veins, and a dietary supplement; for health, there is the colon cleanser and two skin creams; for remedy there are treatments for dry lips, a Get Well Soon supplement, a joint supplement, and a choice of vapor soak or vapor rub.

The entire set of products can be purchased together for about $200.

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  • The biggest claim of the Bio Nutria system is that it is based on herbal and natural remedies. Most of the products are largely based on these kinds of rememdies. However, there are also synthetic ingredients.
  • The Arbonne Bio Nutria products are intended to work together to treat a wide range of health needs.
  • You can purchase Arbonne Bio Nutria products online, or contact a representative to meet with you personally about the available products.


  • Arbonne’s web-site is not easy to use. You may find it easier to contact a local representative.
  • Arbonne products are quite expensive. If you choose to use this package, it is a major investment.
  • There are no products designed for dieting specifically. It would be helpful if the product package included a thermogenic fat burner or other product designed for losing weight.


The Arbonne Bio Nutria package is good for using herbal and natural remedies. Unfortunately, this is only partial, since there are significant non-herbal ingredients as well. The package is also quite expensive and lacks one of the major helpful products for good health-a thermogenic fat burner. Finally, purchasing can be complicated since the web-site is not intuitive, leaving you to find a local representative you can speak with. If you are willing to negotiate the high price and the inconvenience, you may find some helpful products with Arbonne Bio Nutria, but you should certainly supplement the package with a thermogenic weight loss product.

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    Ronda Bell

    Why is it so hard to order, and is there a local dist. in Cincinnati, Ohio