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Editor's Review: 2.5 / 5.0

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What do you do when you just don’t think you can deal with your weight? One solution is the Ardyss Body Magic Shaper. Essentially, this is just the old story of an elastic body sock that squeezes your body into the shape you want.

Of course, Ardyss recommends that you go beyond the Body Magic Shaper system and also buy their Le Vive Juice supplement. This is supposed to help you lose weight while gaining energy so that hopefully you won’t need the body shaper after awhile.

Ardyss also markets their products through consumers-people who start an Ardyss business and convince their friends to buy the $300 powerpack will receive an $80 commission.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features

Ardyss provides their magic shapewear in a number of sizes and designs, including a short or longer bodysock. They even offer two designs for men.

The body shaper includes a hook opening in the leg area.

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  • You can go down 2-3 dress sizes without dieting or working out.
  • The body shapers are not as ugly as they could be. Ardyss has included some lace and tried to make them look attractive. Still, the body shaper looks like what it is-a girdle.
  • Underneath clothing, no one will know that you achieved your shape with the help of the Ardyss Body Magic Shaper, as long as you wear it right..


  • The shoulder straps of the Body Magic Shaper are fairly wide. Don’t expect to wear outfits with narrow straps.
  • As soon as you take off the Ardyss Body Magic Shaper, you’ll be the same size you always were. Magic has its limits.
  • You will experience some discomfort. Expect to feel squeezed all over your body. Also, it may not always be easy to put on the Ardyss Body Shaper.
  • There is some question about the healthiness of forcing your body into a pre-determined mold. Be careful that you maintain good circulation and do not try to achieve more than you should.
  • Ultimately, the benefits of dieting are more than looking smaller. Body magic can’t achieve the myriad other health benefits for you. To the extent that this product makes people feel less worried about their weight, it could distract them from pursuing the immensely important goal of improving their health.
  • Ardyss markets a 2-step system which is hardly a system. The first step is to use one of their body-shaping girdles; the second step is to lose weight by drinking one of their products.


The Ardyss Body Magic Shaper is a temporary solution to embarrassing weight problems. Ultimately, however, dieting is the only thing that can fix the problem. Dieting isn’t easy, but thermogenic fat burners offer a long-term solution that also brings the other health benefits of losing weight. Body Magic simply can’t do that.

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  • 1

    I am in Ghana and want to buy how do l go about it


  • 2

    Im scared to buy it dont want to waste my money. Does it really help you lose actually weight.


  • 3
    Your Name

    am just trying to find something to help me loss weight with a bit of exercise.i have been hearing this magic shaper for a while.


  • 4

    pls can i use ardyss body magic on my tommy after 5months of c-sectrion?


  • 5
    Lynn Simmons

    The Body Magic does help you lose weight as it reduces your appetite among many other benefits such as reshaping your body and giving your body an overall work-out all day long. The great thing about it is that you feel great while wearing it. The material allows your body to breathe and it feels so natural that after you put it on it feels like a part of your natural skin. The benefits are both short and long-term in that when you first start wearing it you feel great and look great but you also know that eventually you will look that way without having to wear it. A doctor invented it and he knew what he was doing and how a woman’s body works. Also, it is available to men as well for their shape. I highly recommend the Body Magic.


  • 6
    mary fisher

    I am now awaiting for my body shaper to come in the mail. I am hoping I ordered the right size. I am 5’6″ and 226lbs. I ordered a size 42. I was told by Pamm Turner, body coach that it will take 2 people to help me get in it the first time then I will be able to get it on by myself. Was that what it took for you ladies the first time?



    It takes a while (10-25 miutes, stopping & starting) to get it on the first time or two, but I never had anyone to help me. I have found it is MUCH easier if you wear high waised panty hose (undrneath the Body Magic)to put it on the first time.

    I wear mine almost every day & feel GREAT!



    I just purchased mine today I’m 240 5’u I got a size 38 maybe a smaller size would of fit you. I just had my baby 3 weeks ago I’m hoping it helps


    Your Name

    I’m 5’4 and weigh about 245. I’m interested in purchasing it but I’m not sure what size to get? Any Help please ???


  • 7
    jane petters

    I got body magic 3days ago.The outcome is obvious,my shape is wonderful in it.I feel 10years younger. Thanks to body magic


  • 8
    mausi asokere

    is the body magic realy effective?



    it is really effective. it was the first thing i found in my years of search for a solution to my big tummy. i have used it for 3months now, and now i can conveniently wear a sexy gown / and my fitted tops without feeling so self-conscious about my tummy bulging out.


  • 9

    I have had the ardyss body magic for 2 weeks now. The first week and a half I wore it only in the evenings, couldn’t imagine wearing it at work and going to the bathroom! But now that I am more comfortable in it, I don’t mind wearing it to work. The front closures are easier to undo vs. the ones in your crotch.

    However, I don’t like the sizings. I am 5’8″, so tall for a female. I am not overweight (according to BMI charts) but I want to get rid of the excess stomach fat and lose maybe 15 pounds. When I am wearing this, I don’t really want to eat. But I also have noticed that when I wear it for prolonged periods of time, my lymph glands get sore and swollen. This makes me think that their claims about helping the body detox, might actually be true. I just used some detox foot pads to help my lymphatic system flush out the toxins, and I actually am starting to feel thinner. I think it is a mixture of wearing the corset, along with not eating as much, and detoxing. I read somewhere that they said it compresses your body — displaces the fat so it can be gotten rid of easier, and detoxed out. Maybe there is some truth. I am not 100% sold on it yet. And, I didn’t buy from a distributor — they were selling for $170 and that was too much. I tried my size on, and then bought for $77 brand new on ebay.

    It also doesn’t take me 20 minutes just to get on and off.


  • 10

    I believe in the Ardyss Body Magic Shaper. I have been wearing one for 5 months and have lost 19 pounds. The immediate result of the garment once a woman puts it on (losing 2-3 sizes) makes a woman feel great and motivates her to choose better eating habits in order to look even better. It helps with core strengthening which increases metabolism, so with daily use the garment assists in the actual loss of weight. LeVive juice is a supplemental antioxidant that increases a persons energy and boosts the metabolism as well. The two together make you feel better inside and out. I love my Body Magic.



    Hi I was interested in this product. My only concern is circulation of the thighs I have tried slimming pants and they get uncomfortable in an hour so please let me know if this is a problem. Thankyou


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