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Musclemeds’ Methy Arimatest is intended to boost testosterone through a dual action technology-blocking two different testosterone inhibiting enzymes. The company claims that this supplement can increase Testosterone to an incredibly high 10,000 pg/mL.

One result of high testosterone is anabolic muscle growth. Therefore, Arimatest is intended for body builders who want to maximize their muscle growth as much as possible.

Arimatest comes in two different formulae-both capsules. Two capsules of formula one should be taken in the morning and two in the evening; one tablet of formula two should be taken in the morning and one in the evening.

List of Ingredients

The active ingredient for formual one is dihydrotase (800 mg); the active ingredient for formula 2 is 7-Arimatase Methylated Flavone (25mg).

Product Features

Compared to similar supplements, Arimatest requires less volume to ingest daily.

The SubZorb tablets for formula 2 are intended to dissolve in your mouth before swallowing.

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  • It is quite clear that Arimatest does raise testosterone levels in those that use it.
  • Some users have reported seeing muscle growth, though it is not always clear if this is due to Arimatest.
  • Arimatest claims to raise testosterone levels naturally, by blocking the natural inhibitors that keep testosterone from rising.
  • Arimatest has been clinically tested.
  • At about $60 (including shipping) for a 60-day supply, Arimatest is cheaper than other equivalent supplements.
  • The capsules and tablets are much more convenient than other forms of supplements, such as shakes or drinks.


  • As with all dietary supplements, no one should expect Arimatest to help them gain muscle or lose weight without an aggressive diet plan and exercise routine.
  • Thought testosterone clearly contributes to muscle growth, it also has other physical results. Users should be concerned to investigate how it might affects their body chemistry before using it.
  • The claim that Arimatest can raise testosterone levels to 10,000 pg/mL is hard to believe. In fact, it is hardly clear that it would even be healthy to have testosterone levels this high.
  • Some users have reported an affect on their mood: they have felt more aggressive.


Arimatest claims to have a significant impact on muscle growth. But this is only possible in conjunction with a rigorous diet and exercise program, and it is not completely clear how much difference Arimatest makes on this growth.

More troubling, Arimatest works by influencing a person’s entire body chemistry. Anyone who uses Arimatest should openly recognize the health risks involved and weigh whether these risks are worth the benefits that the supplement claims. In summary, it seems wiser to use a thermogenic fat burner or another more natural alternative.

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    the packages comes with 120 capsule and 60 sublingual tablets so 2 subs and 4 tabs every day split up into an am and pm dose is 60 days.


  • 2

    how many days a week should i take the arimatest?


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    deborah smetzer

    has use of Arimatest ever resulted in a false positive on a drug test…?