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AriZe is designed to help men achieve erections and increase libido. AriZe works naturally, using herbs to increase blood flow to the penis. The herbs are chosen specifically to increase both erections and libido at the same time.

AriZe is a capsule, and comes in packs of ten. The maker claims that it can be taken 30-40 minutes before needed and generally has results very quickly. The company also claims that the aphrodisiac effects last much longer. The major difference between AriZe and comparable products is that it is herbal and natural. The same company has also produced two products for women.

List of Ingredients

AriZe contains Radix Euycoma Longifoila, Tribulus Terrestrius, Herba Epimedium, Herba Cistanches, Rhizoma Cucurma Longae, Fructus Saw Palmetto, Herbal Parsley, Panax Ginseng, Ashwagandha.

Product Features

AriZe can be used with alcohol.

AriZe can be purchased on the internet and shipped to your home without a prescription.

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  • Many male sexual performance enhancers have strong side-effects including headaches, sweating or dizziness. Most people who have tried AriZe experience none of these side effects. Many do not even see an increase in blood pressure.
  • AriZe is completely natural because it uses herbal remedies. This is especially important, since the FDA has not vigilantly monitored artificial sexual enhancing products.
  • The company claims that even after the drug has lost its primary effect, the herbs can remain in the body for up to four days and continue their aphrodisiac effect.


  • It is difficult to find detailed information on AriZe or clinical tests proving that it is effective.
  • It is certainly an advantage that AriZe is herbal, but it is probably not as effective as most pharmaceutical alternatives.
  • Many customers have been extremely dissatisfied with the results they had with AriZe. As one man said, “it just didn’t work.” Some men have also had results several hours later.
  • One of the ingredients, eurycoma, can cause insomnia for some men. Some men have also experienced headaches or severe redness.
  • At $40 for one 10-pill pack (not including shipping), AriZe is fairly pricey. However, the more packs you purchase, the cheaper it becomes.


It is definitely positive that AriZe uses a herbal solution to the problem of male impotence. However, the results of this product have been disappointing for many users. At the basic level, the product is not useful if it does not give consistent results. Perhaps, AriZe should make the active ingredients more concentrated or combine herbal remedies with pharmaceutical options. Though AriZe does not have the negative side-effects of some sex-enhancers, many men have reported that it still does produce a few side-effects. Overall, AriZe is a viable alternative, but not as effective as some of the other options.

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    I used this product for performance anxiety which always seems to be an issue when I start a new relationship. I definately noticed a difference when I took it the day prior to seeing my girldfriend again (erections all day long – become annoying!). Then when I did see her again I was nervous as always but I was so sensitive down there that I stopped thinking about it and we had a great time. Only complaint is this stuff made me flush in the face (like with Niacin) and gives me a slight headache. Not something I’d want to take everyday but its not a placebo effect. It does increase sensitivity and blood flow. You may also get most of the same effect buying Longjack and Horny Goat Weed (Maca is good too)….