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Aromatase, an enzyme in the body, turns the androgen testosterone into the estrogen estradiol. Estrogen converting cells in the adrenal glands, ovaries, placenta, testicles, adipose tissues, testicles, and brain contain this enzyme.

Although Aromatase is a necessary enzyme and the body needs estrogen, too much estrogen can be harmful. Individuals with estrogen converters will often take Aromatase inhibitors. Aromatase inhibitors aid in treating such things as breast cancer, gynecomastia (male breasts), early puberty, gigantomastia, excessive shortness, and overall feminine tendencies in male development. Aromatase inhibitors are also popular amongst bodybuilders looking for new ways to decrease the amount of estrogen in their bodies.

Although excess Aromatase causes a variety of health concerns, too little Aromatase is also harmful. For example, a deficiency in this enzyme leads to androgynous tendencies in girls (unusual muscle strength, acne, increase in body hair growth, deepened voice, tallness, hair loss, etc).

List of Ingredients

Aromatase has not list of ingredients as it is a naturally produced enzyme and not a nutritional product. For a list of ingredients in Aromatase inhibitors, check their product websites.

Product Features

Aromatase performs one main function, changing androgen to estrogen. Without this enzyme, the human body would have an excess of androgen. However, some individuals produce far too little or far too much estrogen. In these cases, Aromatase inhibitors become necessary.

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  • Changes androgen to estrogen.
  • Saves females from virile tendencies.


  • Can sometimes change too much androgen to estrogen.
  • Too much estrogen can lead to male breasts, early onset of puberty, and shortness.
  • An excess of estrogen has also been linked to breast cancer.
  • Can sometimes change too little androgen to estrogen.
  • Too little estrogen in female bodies will lead to virile tendencies, evident in such things as an enlarged clitoris, tallness, deep voice, hair loss, body hair growth, etc.
  • Bodybuilders often find too much estrogen inhibits their ability to gain muscle mass.
  • Although Aromatase inhibitors are useful for bodybuilders, getting Aromatase under control does not seem to play a huge part in maintaining a healthy bodyweight.


Aromatase helps the human body function properly by creating estrogen. Without this estrogen created by Aromatase, a myriad of health problems would exist. However, despite our need for it Aromatase can also create health problems by changing too much androgen into estrogen or by creating too little estrogen. For people with the former problem, Aromatase inhibitors are often recommended. Aromatase inhibitors may be especially attractive to people suffering from breast cancer as recent research shows a possible link between the disease and excess estrogen. Also, bodybuilders may want to use Aromatase inhibitors.

However, despite the benefits of Aromatase inhibitors, just like with any nutritional supplement, if you are considering trying Aromatase inhibitors, it is important that you first discuss the risks and benefits with your health practitioner. For more information about Aromatase and Aromatase inhibitors, talk to your doctor or explore the wealth of information available on the web.

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