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What You Should Know

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Arthri-Med, sold through Nature’s Harmony, is reportedly a pain relief patch designed for those with joint and muscle pain as well as for those suffering from certain itchy skin disorders. The patch system of providing this pain relief is the same system used by birth control, prescription pain relievers, and other patches designed to help the wearer stop smoking. Nature’s Harmony, the company which supplies Arthri-Med, is a widely trusted supplier of holistic medicine.

List of Ingredients

Arthri-Med contains glucosamine sulphate (potassium chloride) shellfish exoskeleton, 26.8%, 547 mg; white willow (Salix alba) bark (15% salicin), 10%, 204 mg; chondroitin sulphate, 5.6%, 114 mg; camphor (from camphor tree), 3%, 61 mg; capsicum (Capsicum annuum) fruit (2.5% capsaicin), 1.5%, 31 mg; menthol (from mint), 1.25%,26 mg; eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) oil, 1%, 20 mg; and clove (Syzygium aromaticum) oil, 0.5%, 10 mg, in a base of zinc oxide, lanolin, and turmeric (natural colour).

Product Features

Nature’s Harmony claims that Arthri-Med will alleviate pain through a combination of known pain-relieving ingredients. One of the main ingredients, Glucosamine Sulphate is often sold by itself and may assist joint function as well. Another ingredient, White Willow Bark, is a centuries old pain reliever. Some of the other ingredients are pain relievers and joint supporters in folk medicine. Currently, the product sells for $15.78 to $18.99.

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  • Operates through natural substances.
  • Contains little to none of the harmful side effects in chemical pain relievers.
  • Nature’s Harmony offers a money back guarantee.
  • Uses the same transdermal patch system as other proven medicines.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be found on a variety of websites as well as the Nature’s Harmony homepage.


  • Makes no weight loss claims.
  • The patch may not deliver anymore results than more traditional, cost-effective pain relievers.
  • Although easy to find on the Nature’s Harmony website, Arthri-Med has no official website.
  • Contains shellfish, a common allergen.
  • May, in certain conditions, take up to four weeks to be effective.
  • May be a bit expensive.


Arthri-Med appears to be an attractive pain reliever, especially to those fed up with traditional chemically laced medicines. The transdermal patch system appears to be effective and easy to use. Place the patch on the affected area and wait for the results. However, the product does have its drawbacks. Like any natural product, claims to its efficacy need to be researched. Oftentimes, these supplements and products will make endorse unproven research. Even if Arthri-Med does live up to its claims, the product may be too expensive for some and may not be anymore effective than traditional medicine. Just like any self-treatment, whether traditional or holistic, Arthri-Med should not be used as a substitute for professional care. If pain continues, see a doctor.

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2 User Reviews about Arthri-Med

  • 1
    suzanne coulombe

    It has relieved back pain that kept me awake at nite for the past 3 wks & has done this with 2 patches.but now i need more just in case but can’t find it here in ottawa


  • 2

    I’ve tried this product & it doesn’t help me. Tried to call the Cust. Svc. line many X & get no response, but they say they’ll get back to you within the next day. I’m ready to call the BBB & report them as I’ve never been treated this way. I’d like my money back, as that is their guarantee, but no response.