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Founded in 1999 by Justin Marsh and Thomas Aldrich, Arthur Andrew Medical is a natural health supplement supplier specializing in enzyme based products. Enzymes help in the battle against infections, cleaning the blood stream, and promoting good digestion. The founders of Arthur Andrew Medical, located in Scottsdale, Arizona and San Diego, California, seem to believe that enzyme based products are the key to better health.

The enzymes used by Arthur Andrew Medical were discovered in Japan. Justin Marsh and Thomas Aldrich claim that these enzymes are more powerful than those enzymes discovered in North America. Although the company has an official website, it relies mainly on grapevine marketing and happy customers to enhance its cliental base. Although many businesses are seeing a fall in sales lately, Arthur Andrew Medical continues to grow.

List of Ingredients

Arthur Andrew Medical is a supplement provider and therefore has no list of ingredients. However, the basis for most of its supplements is enzymes discovered in Japan. For a complete list of ingredients of a Arthur Andrew Medical supplement, check out their official website.

Product Features

Arthur Andrew Medical offers mainly a variety of Enzyme based nutritional supplements. They also offer some probiotics and a few other natural supplements. They claim their products will do such things as fight yeast infections and promote healthy digestion.

Although the company claims its prices reflect the amount of research, care, and quality manufacturing put into their products, prices may be a bit steep for most people. A 300 capsule bottle of one of their most popular supplements, Neprinol AFD, sells for $199.99.

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  • Supposedly more naturally based and less harmful than prescription drugs.
  • May help your body help itself.
  • Well-designed, easy to navigate website.
  • Marsh and Aldrich claim that their products are reliable and well-researched and their enzymes come from the best sources possible.


  • Arthur Andrew Medical does not appear to offer supplements specifically targeted towards weight loss.
  • Supplements are expensive.
  • Actual evidence of research is difficult to find.
  • The company website claims that Japanese enzymes are superior to North American enzymes. However, they fail to specify what makes these enzymes superior.
  • Limited product line available.


Arthur Andrew Medical may provide well researched, quality products. However, they fail to give adequate evidence of this research. Some of their claims, the superiority of Japanese enzymes over those discovered in North America for example, seem more like advertising hype than actual claims. However, the company’s marketing is more believable and professional than many of today’s online natural health companies. In addition, Arthur Andrew Medical has managed to flourish while other companies are failing. Still, whether they will continue to stand the test of time remains to be discovered.

With the high cost of these supplements, those interested in Arthur Andrew Medical products should be especially thorough in their own research and should contact a knowledgeable doctor before purchasing.

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    Do not take Serracel or Neprinol if you have had cosmetic facial surgery.These potent enzymes contain bacteria from the silkworm & will break down beneficial scar tissue that results from a facelift & fat injections. Revisional surgery will be required.
    These products are now being investigated by the FDA.


  • 2

    Where are the probiotics sold in Canada?