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Arthur S. Agaston, M.D. moved on from his early start of a professional practice and researching noninvasive cardiac diagnostics to writing The South Beach Diet: The Delicious Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss. Agaston claims that it was his cardiac research that prompted him to write this book. He wished to help patients prevent cardiac problems and strokes by encouraging proper eating.

Agaston bases his weight loss theories on the glycemic index. According to researchers of the glycemic index, food with a good rating will help keep insulin levels normal, thus reducing hunger and cravings. Therefore, followers of this diet will supposedly be able to keep their insulin levels normal and lose weight, two ways of preventing heart attacks and strokes.

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Arthur S. Agaston M.D. wrote several books. These include The South Beach Diet, The South Beach Diet Quick & Easy Cookbook: 200 Delicious Recipes Ready in 30 Minutes or Less, and The South Beach Diet Cookbook. These books are available through most bookstores, many online stores, and on the official South Beach Diet website. The South Beach Diet Heart Program is also available on audio cassette or CD. Most of Agaston’s books sell for around $20, although some of the cookbooks can go for as much as $27.99.

The South Beach Diet relies on creating a dividing line between good carbs and bad carbs. Although Agaston claims that his diet is neither low-carb or low-fat, many dieters will disagree. Foods that score well on the glycemic index (whole grains, fruits, vegetables) are labeled good carbs. Foods that score poorly on the glycemic index (refined carbs, sugar, white flours) are labeled bad carbs.

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  • Supposedly helps prevent heart attacks and stroke.
  • May aid in weight loss.
  • Arthur S. Agaston M.D. claims this diet will stabilize insulin levels.
  • Books are relatively inexpensive.


  • Following Arthur S. Agaston M.D.’s diet can get expensive.
  • Labels certain foods as “bad.” This labeling can psychologically make the bad foods all the more desirable for those trying to avoid them.
  • Weight loss will likely only be maintained for as long individuals stay on the diet.
  • Cooking The South Beach Diet takes time, a disadvantage for those time-pressed people.
  • Staying on this diet is hard for those used to eating mostly carbs.
  • South Beach dieters may find themselves returning to their old poor diets without knowing it.


Arthur S. Agaston, M.D.’s South Beach Diet appears to have some remarkable success stories. However, the diet in and of itself may be just another fad. Success stories may stem from the fact that anyone on a traditional American fatty diet will benefit from a change. A good cleaning up of your diet may produce comparable results. Still, this diet could help those who have difficulty staying on a diet without set rules and those worried about heart problems or strokes. Those wishing to follow this diet should set up an appointment with their doctor to discuss its advantages and risks.

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