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As Slim As Possible (ASAP) is a weight loss program that uses a cycle to help dieters lose weight. The cycle must be followed for no less than three weeks and no more than six weeks. If after the six weeks are complete the dieter wants to lose more weight, they can choose to start the ASAP cycle all over again. The cycle can be repeated as many times as desired as long as the cycle instructions, including the instructions on supplements, are followed exactly.

The company behind the As Slim As Possible program evidently wants to stay hidden from the dieter. The contact page is not functional and there is no About page explaining who started the ASAP program. It looks like the Youngevity company is behind the diet and supplements. We found the website that leads to the main ASAP website and we found independent resellers for the Youngevity company marketing the ASAP program. Youngevity is a company that offers distributors the ability to resell health and wellness products – nothing more.

List of Ingredients


  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • L Arginine HCL
  • L Carnitine
  • L Glutamine
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract
  • Epimedium Extract
  • Picamilon
  • Resveratrol

Product Features

The As Slim As Possible Program is broken into two weight loss categories. If the dieter needs to lose less than 20 pounds, the three week program is suggested. If the dieter needs to lose more than 20 pounds, the six week program is suggested. During the program the dieter will consume a restricted diet consisting of two proteins, two breads, two fruits and two vegetables per day. The details of what consists of one serving are included with the program. You will also be required to use the ASAP supplement three times per day.

The testimonials on the official website are pretty convincing until you look at Stephanie and Bryan. Stephanie lost 24 pounds in 40 days and she also lost at least three or four inches in height – based on the before and after photos. Bryan is the same way. He lost 38 pounds in 40 days and shrunk at least four or five inches.

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  • Ingredients for the As Slim As Possible supplement are listed online.
  • The official website offers before and after pictures of dieters who’ve followed the program.


  • None of the ingredients in the main ASAP supplement is clinically proven to boost weight loss.
  • The before and after photos show some dieters shrunk – sometime nearly six inches.
  • The dieter is required to purchase branded supplements to lose weight.
  • The diet could be extremely low calorie.


We are not thrilled with the As Slim As Possible program. The dieter is likely consuming a very low calorie diet to lose weight and the main supplement offers no proven ingredients to increase metabolism or decrease hunger.

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23 User Reviews about As Slim As Possible

  • 1

    I am now on my 3rd bottle & after the 2nd I had lost 45 pounds! For the first round it was really easy! U need to lose about 40 pounds now & it is ho longer easy to stick with this diet. In about 2 months I went from a size 16 to a size 10. You only consume 500 calories a day & the food choices are slim but if you can remain faithful the weight does come off.


  • 2

    Is oatmeal ok for the ASAP plan


  • 3
    jim dunn

    i would like to know if asap is safe to take if you are diabetic i take one 500 mg of metformin a day. thanks jim dunn


  • 4

    hi guys,am 52.5kgs and 153 cm in height! I have excess fat on my tummy due to delivery and have had always excess fat around my hips and thighs,will ASAP work for me to lose weight around these areas of my body? please advise


  • 5

    I started on Thursday Jan 2 this year. I have not checked my weight yet, as I have a fear of scales!:) Since this diet is restrictive, I was afraid I would be hungry all the time. However, I have NOT had that problem!! I used to want to snack on sweet things all the time, yet, I have absolutely no craving for in between meals snacks or any cravings whatsoever. This took about 2 days to kick in properly, but even on Day 1 I was not HUNGRY, just wanting something to chew on. So the ASAP drops are working to curb my appetite. I had a slight headache on Day 2, but since then, no problem, no hunger and NO cravings for sweet stuff. I can actually see goodies and pass them up! So even if some people have doubts about the fat burning, I know for sure you will be able to stick to a lower calorie diet while using ASAP. It’s doing what it is supposed to do, I think! They do encourage to drink a lot, and that led to a few night time trips to the bathroom, and your urine might look like neon yellow but that is fine with me! Since settling in, my bathroom trips are just one per night, so my body is adjusting. What has definitely improved is my knee and neck pain. Almost gone! In just a few days! So the nutrients are working!!


  • 6

    Iam now aware about your programe (ASAP) How metabolically this programe works to reduce the weight?


  • 7
    myra hermoso

    my son is 21 yrs. old and he has fatty liver and he is 280 pounds and his height is 6″2. what do you recommend to loose weight?


  • 8

    I started ASAP two weeks ago, down 10 pounds.Was hard for the first four days, missing my coffee cream.But other then that, I feel awesome.Lots of energy. I love the Tangy Tangerine..yummy. I’m from alberta..


  • 9

    I started ASAP yesterday and lost 1.4 lbs. already…


  • 10

    “Bryan lost 5 inches in height”…….are you a fool?
    First of all, if you check Stephanie and Bryan’s review they are very happy with their weight loss and have no mention of losing ANY height! You would think they might report that! …………..5 inches?
    This is your Foolish observation from Stephanie and Bryan’s before and after photo’s……..where they are standing different distances from the door behind them!
    Your claim that ASAP causes height-loss makes you look like a FOOL!



    I agree. Sheer stupidity – Somewhere a village is missing it’s idiot.


  • 11

    if you do not do the phase out properly and watch what you eat then you will gain the weight. your body is use to the old weight and has to have time to adjust. I know someone personally taking it right now and he has lost like 10 pounds already and is loving it.


  • 12

    This diet sounds exactly like the hCG diet, minus the hCG. I was on that diet several times, and gained ALL the weight back and then some. I don’t see how this can give me different results. I am very skeptical!!



    Several people I know along with myself have all done the HCG diet. It does work for the most part, but many have gained weight back. After extensive research, the culprit seems to be many people lack essential nutrients and minerals. When this occurs, the body naturally makes you eat more food (calories) in order to get more nutrients. Our food is deprived nutrients. This seems to be Youngevity’s mission, is to address this issue. I believe that in order for HCG, ASAP, or any other diet to work long term, you must make sure you are getting what the body needs. For more info, you can watch Dr. Peter Glidden on Youtube talk about this concept.


    Betty Elliott

    The HCG diet requires some type of hormonal injections.ASAP DOESN’T use hormones. They have increased the diet to 1200 calories and 400-500 calories are too low. L-glutamine tablets also cut cravings for sweets. I have never used them.
    I decided to try this because I needed to lose weight and felt it was safe when used with the rest of the recommended supplements.
    I personally know of an individual who used and continues to use the products of this company who suffered a heart attack three years ago and uses the company products–religiously. The individual did not get the shunt inserted into their body but used the company’s products. The individual continues to visit doctors on a regular basis, but testifies to the greatness of these products.


  • 13
    Marianne Niehaus

    I personally and numerous people around me have lost weight using Youngevity ASAP and there are no side effects. I personally know Bryan and Stephanie and they did not shrink. If you look at the photo it has to do with the distance they are from the door that give the impression they are shorter. My husband is slightly over 6′foot and lost 27lbs on ASAP and he is still 6′. If someone wants to know more about this product please feel free to contact me via my email and put ASAP in the subject. I also know one of the founders of ASAP. Thanks!


    Lola M.

    Hi Marianne….I want to get the ASAP drops, but very hesitant because I don’t want to buy any additional Youngevity supplements. I know it has to be 500 calories per day and I can do that by myself. I’m on the fence as to what to do.



    The calories are 800 to 1200 not 500


    Jamie Lissau

    Marianne is my sponsor in Youngevity. Send me an email with questions about ASAP and I will happy to answer them too. I’m doing Asap right now. I lost 8 lbs in 12 days.



    Just got it today really want to know if really works


    I would like to know more about this diet? Do you get hungry> I have been on the HCG diet before and did ok. What makes this different?



    How fast could I loose 10 pounds on this diet?



    Discipline…asap is truly the answer, however, people do not follow instructions. It’s just a human tendacy.i tried asap and cheated on the diet and still lost 23 pounds. You’re really cheating yourself because the product is not cheap., but well worth it. It took me approx 1 and a half years to gain most of the weight back.. But believe me, I should have gain more weight the way I was eating. But 2015 is a new day and year , I’m going back on it, it works and Im going to follow directions this time… Maybe I can lose at least 40 pounds. It really works…