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Ascential Bioscience provides a variety of nutritional supplements and personal care products. The company, developed by nutrition and fitness professionals, claims their products will help individuals lose weight, increase their energy, improve their athletic abilities, and have an overall change in their quality of life. Ascential offers, among other things, two weight loss supplements and a meal replacement shake.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. Ascential Bioscience is a nutritional supplement provider. To find a list of ingredients in individual supplements visit their website. The website lists only key ingredients. Contact Ascential directly for a complete list.

Product Features

Ascential Bioscience prides itself on providing high quality products to help people reach their peak physical fitness and ideal weight. Among some of the products the company claims will assist in achieving these goals are Ascential Lean (a dietary supplement), Ascential Weight Rx (diet pills), and Ascential SmartShakes. Ascential Lean, a stimulant, is ingested twice daily, with meals. Ascential Weight Rx supposedly dampens hunger and helps the body rid itself of excess fat. These pills should be taken no more than three times a day. SmartShakes contain 15 servings per bottle. Ascential Bioscience advises its customers to not replace more than two meals a day with the SmartShakes. These shakes come in two different flavors: chocolate and strawberry.

Ascential sells its products through both online stores, their official website, and distributors. A box of Ascential Lean sells for $35.95, Ascential Weight Rx for $26.95, and Ascential SmartShake for $36.95.

Ascential offers more than these three basic products. For a more complete lists of supplements, check out their website.

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  • Ascential Bioscience products may be effective when used in conjunction with a healthful diet and sensible exercise program.
  • Products are easy to take.
  • Meal replacement shakes come in two flavors–strawberry and chocolate, not just boring original or vanilla.
  • The official Ascential website makes ordering products easy.


  • Some supplements, Ascential Weight Rx for example, contain caffeine, a diuretic.
  • Some customers may be deluded into thinking they can eat whatever they want and not exercise as long as they take these supplements. All weight loss supplements must be combined with adequate exercise and healthful eating.
  • Complete lists of ingredients for the products are not offered on the official site.
  • May harm women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Some people may find the supplements too expensive for their budgets.


Ascential Bioscience claims to offer a comprehensive, high quality line of nutritional supplements. While this claim may be true, all such companies should be researched before purchasing any products. For those short on time, these weight loss products may be the key to achieving fitness goals. However, no weight loss supplements can replace dieting and exercise.

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