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Ascential is the manufacturer of two different product lines, the WeightRx product line and the SmartShake product line. These two products are targeted toward people who want to lose weight. The use of a weight loss product like these two should always be combined with a healthy diet and exercise in order to achieve the best results. Because these products focus on all natural ingredients these are generally safe with no side effects, though those who wish to begin using Ascentia products should consult a doctor just to be safe.


No official ingredient lists are available, though here are the main ingredients in each of Ascentia’s two main products. Hoodia Gordonii is a miracle plant that includes the P57 complex which is supposed to send a signal to the brain which acts as glucose to alert the brain it feels full and thereby induce weight loss. Chromium is a trace mineral which plays a part in controlling blood glucose levels, to act as a helper to prevent some fats from being absorbed by the body.

The ingredients in the SmartShake include Lactobacillus Acidophilus which is a good bacterium which aids in the digestion process. Bromalian and Papain are two enzymes which work with the bacteria to enhance digestion.

Product Features

The WeightRx line of products is made with a formula of nutrition and plant extracts meant to promote fat burning while also helping to suppress the appetite. The SmartShake product line is meal replacement shakes claiming to have all the nutritional needs of a full meal. The shakes can also serve as a snack on a diet.

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  • Contains natural products.
  • Shakes come in two different flavors.


  • Though Hoodia is included, it is not certified as a product of Africa and therefore may not be genuine Hoodia.
  • No fat burners in the products
  • No customer testimonials can be found anywhere.
  • The information from this review does not reflect any information from an official website and was taken from other sources-as information in general was difficult to find.
  • Unsure if the company is still running due to the lack of a website.


No official website is available for review and therefore it is hard to judge the validity of the products released by Ascentia. The products are offered at different prices and shipping rates. People may purchase products from a variety of online merchants and traditional stores. Anyone interested in purchasing any Ascentia products should do some comparison shopping both online and off in order to find the best deals on the products for their budget and nutritional needs. Different quantities and specials are available through a variety of merchants.

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    Julie Nelsen

    Ascential Bioscience has helped me change my lifestyle, I have lost 90 lbs and feel incredible, its not a “diet pill”, its an “I am in control pill”. Its amazing when you put the right nutrition into your body, you gain energy and your body kicks in & does what it is suposse to do. Great Stuff!!! Recommend it to anyone even my kids!!