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Ashworth Medical Clinic offers different programs to help you lose weight. Currently, they offer three different programs; Shakes & Solids Advance Weight Loss Program, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Aesthetic Services.

On the Ashworth Medical Clinic website, you will find a very detailed section on the procedures and plans offered. You will find a FAQ section for some of your questions. You can also see before and after photos of patients of the clinic. To be a medical website, it doesn’t look very professional at all. At the bottom of the site, you will find an under construction message. The procedures are very expensive.


No Ingredients as this is a medical facility.

Product Features

The Shakes and Solids weight loss program consists of you drinking shakes and eating very little solid food. When you do eat solid food, it is a real small portion. The other procedures have to be done in the clinic office, such as Botox injections and hormone replacement.

The website lists their services and pricing schedule, with liposuction procedures starting at $800. In addition to the website, they also have the website which is meant to really promote the liposuction procedures.

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  • Procedures are performed in a medical clinic.
  • They offer a website detailing their procedures and plans, including pricing structure which many sites like this do not offer.
  • Procedures are less evasive than traditional treatments like this.


  • There are no customer testimonials available.
  • ABC Procedures are expensive.
  • Safer alternatives to surgery are available.
  • Unprofessional website.
  • No satisfaction guarantee seems to be present.


The procedures are performed in a medical clinic by a doctor which is a good thing. The procedures are a bit expensive with no guarantees. They offer quite a bit of procedures for different needs. There are also some side effects to some of the procedures, so that will need to be looked into before going forward. Some of the side effects include hair loss, acne, and depression. Testimonials all seem to be positive, though this clinic really does nothing to address health and fat loss without the use of surgery to do so. Rather than spending a lot of money and going under the knife-risks carried with this are by far too much-you should spend time researching a proper diet and exercise routine and supplements to help you lose weight without having to go the extremes of surgery. Remember to find a plan that includes foods you like and activities you can do. Also, remember to stay hydrated. Drinking water in place of all the soda and other sugary drinks can make quite an impact on its own.

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