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What You Should Know

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Asian Calorie Burn is a weight loss supplement available on eBay and There is an official website for the supplement at Life Smart Labs, but that website does not come up in the first 20 or so results when you search for the supplement. This is because Asian Calorie Burn is listed on Amazon and Amazon affiliates make money when they direct sales through a specialized link. This doesn’t mean the company is sketchy or trying to sell more products via questionable means, but it does mean you will find a ton of websites claiming Asian Calorie Burn works better than it really works.

List of Ingredients


  • Pomegranate Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Hoodia Extract
  • Fucoxanthin

Product Features

Pomegranate extract is not a weight loss ingredient, but it does pack quite the antioxidant punch. Living as an overweight or obese individual and losing weight with diet and exercises are two times in life when oxidant production is at its highest. You need a strong antioxidant, so we like this ingredient.

Green tea extract is another one of our favorites, but this is where Life Smart Labs drops the ball with Asian Calorie Burn. How much green tea is in the formula? This company is expecting dieters to pay for a supplement that boosts metabolism, but in order to achieve that claim the formula needs to contain ENOUGH green tea.

Hoodia is another step in the wrong direction. There is clinical proof that hoodia will not suppress appetite as the active ingredient is metabolized by the body before it can trigger a feeling of fullness. Those old stories of South African hunters chewing on the Hoodia cactus may have been true, but maybe they didn’t eat because there was no food not because the Hoodia kept them from being hungry.

Fucoxanthin is a brown seaweed extract. There are some studies that show combining Fucoxanthin with pomegranate oil can promote weight loss. Life Smart Labs did not bother to list this study or any others on brown seaweed extract.

At the bottom of the website is a brief statement that the company should probably rewrite if they want to sell any supplements. The statement claims they have no scientific evidence the product works as claimed. We think they were trying for the FDA statement that states the claims are not supported by the FDA.

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  • Ingredients listed online.
  • Pomegranate oil is a great source of antioxidants.
  • Contains green tea.


  • No amounts are listed for any of the ingredients.
  • The company openly states they have no proof the supplement works.


Asian Calorie Burn is not your best choice for losing weight with a fat burner or weight loss supplement. There are proven ingredients that are safe and effective at promoting healthy weight loss – backed by scientific evidence.

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