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What You Should Know

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AST Sports Science is a company based in Golden, CO. This company produces and retails a wide-range of sports supplements. They specifically target bodybuilders and elite athletes.

Line of Products

AST offers supplements in the following categories: protein, energy and fat loss, amino acids, creatine, performance lipids, vitamins and minerals, and pro-hormones.

Product Features

AST energy and fat loss products are designed to boost metabolism and raise body temperature (thermogenic) thereby facilitating carbohydrate oxidation (aka calorie-burning). According to AST, their thermogenic weight loss products are ephedra-free. It appears that the primary weight-loss ingredient in their line of products is norsynephrine hcl. This ingredient is found naturally in octopi and does have some weight loss benefit. The company has combined this ingredient with other ingredients in varying proportions to tailor-make products that they can market to specific groups.

AST protein and creatine products are marketed to bodybuilders and athletes. The marketers claim that these products speed up recovery time after intense workouts, increase stamina and boost athletic performance. Some of these claims are backed by scientific research. Many are not. What’s more, the Mayo clinic and the U.S. National Library of Medicine have listed several reservations and cautions about using creatine supplements. You should be especially careful if you have asthma. Creatine has been shown to exacerbate asthmatic symptoms.

AST lipids, vitamins and minerals all promise to help you lose weight. They offer two lipids. CLA1000 is there primary weight loss lipid. The manufacturers of CLA 1000 say that CLA (an acid found naturally in the meat and dairy products of some animals) may boost the immune system and reduce the risk of developing certain kinds of cancer. The manufacturers also claim that CLA promotes muscle mass while reducing abdominal fat. Some studies have shown that CLA has the aforementioned benefits in certain animals, but more tests are needed on human subjects before the manufacturer’s claims are warranted.

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  • Many of their products contain artificial flavoring and may be very tasty.
  • The company offers a free product guide.
  • AST’s products are available through many online retailers.


  • AST products are expensive.
  • The AST website is somewhat misleading on the page advertising their lipid product CLA1000. Instead of describing the benefits of their product, they describe the benefits of CLA. When listing the benefits of CLA, they claim that it boosts the immune system and wards off cancer. Though they never make the direct link between the benefits supposedly offered by CLA and their product, the link is implied. The FDA has not approved this product and it is illegal for them to advertise their product as though it can prevent or cure a disease (e.g. cancer).
  • AST sells creatine which has a few potentially severe side-effects.
  • AST’s multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is an average product with an above-average price.


While AST offers many products touting a whole range of health-promoting benefits; they don’t really have products from which the average person would benefit. These products may prove helpful to professional bodybuilders and athletes, but they probably will not benefit the rest of us. You would be wise to shop around before buying any AST product. Chances are, you will find other (non-AST) products that will help you more and cost you less.

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