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At Ketone is a company that manufactures only ketone indicators for the general use of the public. A ketone indicator is a plastic strip that is used to test urine samples for ketone levels. While ketone testing strips are usually used for medical purposes, ketone testing strips such as the ones produced by At Ketone can be used to see if ketosis is happening in the body. For a user who is following a low-carb diet, the presence of ketones can be an indication that the user is losing weight.

A bottle of At Ketone usually costs about $11.99 for a bottle of 100 strips, so the price is a bargain for someone who will only use one strip a day. If a user is looking for a way to have an indication of his body beginning to lose weight by the manufacture of ketones, then At Ketone indicator strips would be the right product to buy.

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The ketone testing strips are the only product manufactured by At Ketone, so the quality is sure to be high, since At Ketone claims that they make the best ketone indicators for urine sampling. The At Ketone company claims that the testing strips are specifically designed for someone to use easily at home, so they are not exactly the same as a ketone indicator at a doctor’s office. However, the price and ease of use should not be a deterrent to someone wishing to see if his ketone levels are up.

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  • Ketone indicators are something that are used by medical professionals in medical tests for various health issues, so the concept is sound.
  • At Ketone claims that their product is one of the best ketone indicators available on the market for the price that the user will pay.


  • At Ketone urine testing strips are not a true weight loss aid. They are meant only to be informational and help the user to keep track of diet changes and weight loss.
  • The ketone indicators manufactured by At Ketone are not the same as the ones used in a medical office, so although the company claims that the products are quality, the results may be better at a medical office.
  • At Ketone does not have a company website for users to view; instead, a potential customer will have to purchase the indicator strips elsewhere.


At Ketone indicator strips are claimed by the company to help a user know quickly and easily if his ketone levels are up and if he is losing the weight that he wants to use. The price for At Ketone ketone indicators is a good price, so someone who is on a low-carb diet may benefit from spending just $11.99 for At Ketone’s ketone indicator strips.

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