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Atenolol is a beta blocker that is for the purpose of treating high blood pressure and other heart problems, such as chest pain. It is available by prescription only, so it is not a regularly available product for consumers. Atenolol is also not for weight loss at all. It is used with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise to help control a person’s high blood pressure, but not to help that person bring their weight down. Atenolol has actually caused some users to gain weight instead of losing it, which can lead to the high blood pressure that the drug is designed to treat. Atenolol is not recommended by any physician for weight loss, and many other places dismiss it as well.

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The product is designed to help patients with high blood pressure and chest pain to alleviate these problems. It has the effect of slowing down a person’s heart rate to alleviate the high blood pressure, and that person may become drowsy as a result. In alleviating high blood pressure, Atenolol is also supposed to help chest pains be less of a problem for a heart patient. This drug is aimed at those with heart problems, and not for others who do not have heart problems.

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  • Helps get high blood pressure be lowered and alleviates the pain of chest pains, known as angina.
  • Will help the user have lower blood pressure if he exercises regularly and eats a healthy, balanced diet of healthy foods.


  • A user of Atenolol can become drowsy.
  • Atenolol will get into breast milk, so if a user is a nursing woman, she should not take atenolol or use another form of feeding, because the infant will be affected.
  • Some users of atenolol report that they gain weight while using this drug, so it is not a weight loss drug and can hurt the efforts of someone wanting to lose weight.
  • The side effects can be unpleasant, especially if the user is not used to the drug, or is not a heart patient.


Atenolol is a drug that is specifically for heart patients with high blood pressure. It is not for the user who wants to lose weight. Because of the side effects, many users feel drowsy, instead of having energy, whereas a true weight loss aid would help the user have more energy. Atenolol is a useful product if a person has problems with high blood pressure, but it is not for every person, and certainly useful only to those who are wiling to combine a healthy diet with good amounts of exercise. Atenolol should be used only for those who have problems with blood pressure, and only when a doctor prescribes it.

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    Joe n

    I have had hypertension since my 20;s. im a 46 yr old male who has tried alot of meds ex benicar,tekturna,corgard cardura norvasc so on and so on . i have recently been hospitalized 8 times in the last 2 mths . had an extensive work up. heart is good. kidneys working just fine. I HAD A SORING HEARTRATE THAT WOULD GO FROM 0-160′S ALL ON ITS OWN JUST SITTING AND READING PAPER. LONG STORY SHORT. I THINK BY LANDING IN THE CARE OF CORNELL MEDICAL IN THE CITY IM ON THE RIGHT TRACK. I DONT THINK THE DRS IN BKLYN REALLY CARE ABOUT THE PATIENT. ANYWAY I WAS ON METOPOROL 25MG XR AND DIOVAN 80MG. THE METOPOROL MADE ME FEEL TIRED AND STUPID. I WAS SWITCHED TO 25 ATENENOL AND THE DIOVAN. WHAT DO U THINK OF THE COMBO ANY FEEDBACK WILL BE APPRECIATED. FRUSTRATED JOE