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What You Should Know

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Athletix Sports is a supplement company with a very small supplement line-up. There are only four supplements sold online from the official website. The formulas are designed to work together to optimize muscle gains and minimize recovery time. We like the fact that the company is so confident that they don’t produce multiple supplements for the same purpose. We did find clinical references in the product descriptions for some of the four supplements. This is another step in the right direction.

List of Ingredients

Bodybuilding and athletic supplements – Division I, Adamantium, Formula X and Titanium.

Product Features

The Athletix Sports website is simply designed and easy to navigate. There are sections for products, retailers, certificates and questions. Contact information is available and customers can choose to order online if they so desire, but are the formulas worth the money?

Two of the four supplements listed on the Athletix Sports website offer clinical support for the ingredients in the formula. This does not mean the formula works well in humans, just that the ingredients were chosen because of clinical research and possible benefit in the body. The trouble with many clinical studies is that humans are tested in a laboratory, not in real life with a real diet and real exercise program. If more supplements were tested in real life, there would be fewer proven supplements.

We did not find an ingredient listing for Formula X – the recovery shake mix because the formula has yet to be released. Titanium is a testosterone booster. There are no clinical references in the product description, because testosterone boosters are not proven to boost testosterone and Athletix Sports knows this fact.

Dieters will not find a supplement from Athletix Sports for weight loss. Athletes may want to check ingredient lists for any ingredients that may cause a positive drug test. The list of banned ingredients grows every year in both amateur and professional athletics.

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  • All product descriptions include a complete list of ingredients.
  • Some formulas contain proven ingredients.
  • The Athletix Sports website is easy to navigate.
  • Supplements are available for order online.


  • Not all supplements contain proven ingredients.
  • Not all supplements are backed with clinical research.
  • The company offers no weight loss supplements.


Athletix Sports is a company with a small product lineup and a simple website. We are thrilled that the company offers clinical research for some of the ingredients and formulas, but other formulas are just a remake of hundreds of other products on the market.

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