Athletix Titanium Review

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What You Should Know

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Athletix Titanium is a testosterone booster from Athletix Sports. Athletix Sports lists only four supplements for sale from the official website and one of the listed supplements is not yet available. Of the remaining three supplements, one does not have any clinical support listed in the product description – Titanium. The company did not forget to list the clinical research – none exists. Testosterone boosters typically inhibit estrogen levels so testosterone is more powerful. But, this effect is not clinically proven in humans in most cases, so companies like Athletix Titanium does not bother listing inconclusive human studies or animal studies.

List of Ingredients

Fenugreek Extract, Indole-3-Carbinol and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate.

Product Features

Why would an athlete want more testosterone? More testosterone means building muscle faster, stronger and bigger. This is exactly what the athlete is looking in terms of achieving lofty athletic goals, but the problem is that most pro-hormones are not legal for use in sports, so supplement companies try to fool the mind and body into believing testosterone levels are higher.

Products like Athletix Titanium promote libido and inhibit estrogen. This has no proven effect on athletic performance, nor does it ensure the athlete will build muscle faster, stronger and bigger.

Titanium was the first product released by Athletix Sports. The company researched all banned ingredients and supplements before delivering this formula for all athletes competing in organized sports like MMA, bodybuilding and NCAA sports.

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  • Athletix Sports offers a supplement that will not cause a positive drug test.
  • The formula may support healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Contains no pro-hormones.
  • Available from the Athletix Sports company online.
  • All ingredients are listed in label format.
  • The price is comparable to other supplements.


  • Will not promote testosterone production.
  • Will not affect athletic performance.
  • Created from ingredients that have no effect on muscle growth or recovery.
  • Not designed to increase weight loss, decrease appetite or boost metabolism.
  • May not be available from some vitamin companies.


Athletix Sports offers only a few supplements so those supplements need to stand out from the crowd. This product is no different from the hundred other supplements out there that claim to boost testosterone with natural, safe and legal ingredients. This may be true, but those ingredients are not going to give the athlete the upper hand in sports, nor are they going to promote muscle growth and power. Dieters have no need for a test booster, so this supplement and the others sold by Athletix Sports are useless for someone trying to lose weight. We suggest supplements with green tea, caffeine and chromium for weight loss, not all-natural ingredients aimed at boosting “manliness.”

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