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A major aspect of the weight loss and fitness arena these days is protein. Surely you’ve encountered this at some point or another. It’s actually rather difficult to avoid. Now days there are protein supplements, bars, and shakes galore. While it used to be all about protein from meat and dairy products, now the market is swarmed with soy and whey protein supplements. One weight loss system that places a focus on high protein consumption is the Atkins Diet. This is essentially a low-carbohydrate eating plan that was founded by Dr. Robert Atkins (died in 2005) back in 1972.

As with all obesity issues, the Atkins Diet began with the goal of weight loss in mind. Since carbohydrates are commonly seen as a reason for weight gain, this weight reduction plan endeavors to cut harmful carbs or refined sugars out of the diet plan which should potentially lead to weight/fat lost. Currently the official website for the Atkins Diet plan seems to be non-functional. Some of the recommended foods for this weight loss system are meat products, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. The consumption of more protein is supposed to lead to more lean muscle mass and less body fat. In the years of 2003 and 2004, the Atkins Diet hit its peak popularity and spread clear across the globe.

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The Atkins Diet plan basically consists of more protein consumption and less carbohydrates incorporated into the eating plan. This weight reduction plan is geared toward both women and men. It aims to exclude the regular consumption of “bad carbs”, or simple sugar carbohydrates, which generally come from processed foods like crackers, cakes and cookies, as well as white breads, pizza crust and potatoes. Since the user consumes more protein products, he/she is ideally able to improve overall muscle mass, while shedding fat pounds from the body.

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  • The Atkins Diet offers plenty of protein for muscle repair and strength training.
  • This weight loss plan encourages the consumption of fewer simple carbohydrates.


  • There are no convenient appetite suppressants or fat loss pills involved with the Atkins Diet.
  • There doesn’t appear to be any real clinical evidence supporting the Atkins Diet.
  • The official Atkins website is non-functional at this time.
  • Some individuals that love foods like white bread, pizza, and various other carbs may not find the Atkins Diet suitable for them.


When it comes down to it, the Atkins Diet is a high protein weight loss plan. Therefore, individuals that enjoy consuming a great deal of meat and dairy products may prefer this weight reduction plan over the numerous others out there. On the bright side, users are very likely to get their full dose of protein each day. However, there may be some issues that arise with getting all of the other vitamins and nutrients needed daily. Be sure to fully investigate the Atkins Diet before ever considering it for yourself. It’s also prudent to speak with a physician first.

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    Can you substitute deer meat???


  • 2

    I followed atkins to the letter and got addicted after the first 2 weeks. I felt great and over 13 lbs melted off within 2 weeks. It took me 6 months to lose 80 lbs with no side effects but taking a little extra time and planning for my meals. I only wish I had discovered it sooner :)


  • 3

    I read that the stllman diet served as prototype for the atkins diet. Did Dr. Atkins acknowledge this?


    Dana Carpender

    The Atkins diet is not much like Stillman, which was limited pretty much to very lean meat. Atkins encouraged fat consumption, and the diet allows low-starch vegetables from day one.

    There had been low carb diets before Atkins; the first mass-market diet book in the English language, Banting’s Letter on the Reduction of Corpulence, outlined a low carbohydrate diet. Atkins work seems to have been most influenced by the work of Dr. Alfred Pennington, who put workers at DuPont on a low carbohydrate, high fat diet to good effect. He also cited the work of British researchers Kekwick and Pawan, who did clinical tests of the effect of various macronutrient ratios on weight loss. Certainly he acknowledged that he did not invent the concept.


  • 4

    It may be better for you to measure than to get on the scale. I have been on Atkins for about 2 weeks now, and I lost about 10 1lbs. However, now I notice that my weight is going up, but my body fat % is going down ( I have a scale that measures the body fat and body hydration level as well. I also use a tape measure to see how many inches I am loosing, and I am happy to say that my inch lost is rather high. So my suggesting to you is to measure, because Atkins is a high protein diet, and protein builds muscle mass. Hint muscle weighs more than fat. Also, I was just on the Functional Atkins site this morning, and the forum was talking about the same subject that you have posted.


  • 5

    During induction, can you eat the peanut butter atkins bars and shakes for snacks? It says all phases; but, I was curious if this slowed down weight loss for anyone. Especially because I love the peanut butter bar and sometimes eat half for the first snack and finish it in the afternoon snack. So far so good with the diet.


  • 6

    why is it that I’ve been on the diet for about five months, and have only lost probably about under 10 pounds and I read other peoples stories that in the first month they have lost over 40 pounds


  • 7

    i did the atkins diet for 5 years ago and was successful.i only did the induction phase as i wanted to keep losing weight quickly. i ate less than 15grams of carb/day. i reached a platue and decreased my carbs to less than 10/day with no weightloss. i went off the diet and regained my weight. i have tried 5 times to do this diet and now can’t get into ketosis. i have even gained more weight while trying atkins again. i am 38years old and i need to drop 50lbs. i need to know why i could achieve weightloss before on this diet and now i can’t. i have followed the atkins with no cheating and obviously i know how to do this diet. i lost 40lbs the first time i tried it when i was 33yrs old. i don’t understand why i don’t get the bad taste in my mouth or the weightloss i experienced the 1st time. i have tried like 5 times since my inital weightloss to achieve ketosis without gaining. i can’t. my menu looked like this:breakfast 2 fried eggs in butter and 2 strips of bacon. lunch tuna fish and mayo pickles and string cheese. dinner was hamburger and mayo and green peppers in a salad with dressing. for a snack i ate cheese or sometimes pork rinds. i only drank the shakes or water. sometimes pop with no sodium or carbs or sugar or calories. is it that i am getting older or did i screw up my metbolism? i have gone to see doctors to rule out thyroid disorders as well as checked my sugar. i don’t have that to blame. if anyone can shed some light on this i would appreciate it.



    hmmm i am back on atkins and just lost 10 kgs in 35 days…. are you using keto-stix to measure your urine? Sounds like your’e taking in carbs without knowing (ie: did you REALLY eat a hamburger, the bread in that will prevent ketosis… age isn’t an issue by the way, i’m 44ys and it’s just as easy to loose as it was when i did it 10 years ago (this time i intend to be more careful after the diet is over !



    It sounds like you aren’t getting enough foundation veggies (12-15g/day). Your proportions of fat/protein/and complex carbs need to be in check according to you age/height. Try keeping track of calories, fat, and protein for a week or two in order to get an idea of what you’re really eating. Without the proper amounts of foundation veggies it won’t work. It’s all about balance.



    Stay away from the shakes, for goodness sakes! That sugar-replacement junk is going to stall your ketosis. It doesn’t matter if it says Atkins on the label…it may as well say McAtkins.


  • 8

    I did Atkins more than 10 years ago and lost 65 lbs that I haven’t put back on to this day. Atkins got me off the junk white bread-low quality sugar carbs I was eating and got me to eat more fresh, real foods. Although my cholesterol wasn’t bad at the time, when I was doing Atkins strictly it was the best its ever been. After losing 65 lbs on Atkins, I couldn’t lose any more no matter if all I ate was bacon. I think Atkins is great if you are really heavy like I was and need to teach yourself how to eat. Even though I’m not on Atkins any more, I’ve never gone back to the junk food sugar carbs I used to eat. I switched them out with foods that are whole grain, high fiber, with very ingredients. After Atkins stopped working, I switched over to Weight Watchers a year or so later and that helped me lose another 35-40 lbs about 2-3 years ago. I stopped being able to lose on Weight Watchers as well, no matter how many points I dropped, so now I’m looking for the next thing to take off the final 30-40 I still have to lose. I would say don’t be discouraged by a method of eating not having the same results. I think most ways of eating work for a while till your body adapts and needs something else. The thing is not to fall back on the way you used to eat AND to keep trying till you find the next thing your body needs. It takes patience and hope but it works!


  • 9

    Atkinsa does work!!! I repeat Atkins does work and is healthy. I was pre diabetic when I began this way of eating back in February and so far I have lost 54 lbs and am no longer at risk for diabetes. I am continuing to eat this way because I feel great and I love eating this way. If you love vegetables, meats, butter, cheese, eggs and now they even have low carb breads that taste great- this is for you. Go get the book Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution, it’s my diet
    bible. Just try for yourself for two weeks, you won’t be sorry. And BtW, the Atkins website is fully functional and has tons of great recipes for each phase of the plan.


  • 10

    I lost 80 pounds after my first baby with Atkins and then 80 pounds again after my second baby. On the upside you never feel hungry. On the downside (for me) you can get really tired of eating protein. And white flour tastes like love and you miss it. Also, because I was never hungry, I would occasionally eat so little that I’d accidentally pass out. If you’re careful to eat (even when you’re not hungry), this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

    I don’t know if I agree about the “no clinical evidence” caveat they put in the original article. I’m a professor and was able to find enough peer-reviewed data through my academic databases to convince me the diet was worth a shot.

    So far this has been the most effective diet I’ve ever tried. Works like clockwork.


  • 11

    The Atkins diet DOES work. It is NOT a high fat diet. It is a low carb diet. You still eat healthy, wholsome food. You have to educate YOURSELF. Go to the Atkins website or buy the book or get it at the public library. It is a lifestyle change. I have lived Atkins foe 18 months. I lost 65 pounds and by following Atkins principles have kept it off. I NEVER feel hungry or deprived. Most times I eat because it’s meal time not because I’m hungry.



    completely agree with Jabba. It’s a great tool in losing weight but don’t think you can cheat and still be okay. Your body will take 3 or 4 days to get back to the Ketosis stage after binging on carbs so be careful.



    That is not correct. it IS a high fat diet, it just doesn’t have to be a high SATURATED fat diet. Getting 65% of your daily calories from fat (the way you are supposed to on Atkins) is very high fat.


  • 12
    Alex L

    I used to be on the Atkins diet years ago. I will say it worked wonders for me. It is a diet that you have to stay strict with…any swaying off course will only make it not work. and yes that include’s the little mess up here or there. They sell books about it and what you can and can’t eat at a barnes and noble or any other book store.


  • 13
    Lavinia Ward

    I have tried several diets with know luck, since I have stop smoking I am gaining weight like mad.


  • 14
    A. Horn

    What does sugar alcohol have to do with carb counting.


  • 15

    why is caffeine not permitted?


  • 16
    rob gibson

    tried atkins diet years ago had great sucess what to turn a friend on to it will you please send me some info on the diet


  • 17
    Wendy Smith

    how can i get a list of foods to eat on this diet


  • 18
    phat guy

    can i eat fruits on the adkins???



    yes but not on the first phase


  • 19
    sheila hill

    I would like to have a copy of the diet but my computer is atting crazy today. could you please email me the diet.


  • 20

    The Atkins Diet has been around since the 70′s and has had many clinical trials to prove its efficacy and safety. It is cutting edge science and requires some study. It is basically a high saturated fat diet, not high protein diet. Most people will not be able to get past the idea that fat is not bad for you; like cures like.


  • 21
    Bonnie Stephenson

    I have been trying to fill out for the free trial but it won’t let me do it. Can you contact me on this?


  • 22
    Sylvia Bailey

    I would like to recieve a menu for the atkins diet could you please e-mail the diet to me pleaseor tell me where i a go online and find the diet



    i would like to recieve a menu for the atkins diet so i could at least lose 30 pounds?


    Laura, RN

    I suggest you go to Ebay or a bookstore and buy the book, “Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution”. It has the complete theory and lots of recipes (and they are good!). It is important to follow the rules, so read up and good luck!


  • 23
    Tom Griffiths

    What is the minium grams of protein per day ? Maximum amount of carbs per day? Thanks


  • 24
    phyllis boyd

    my husband and i have been on the adkins diet 1andhalf week he lost 7 lbs i gained?? no i did not cheat?


  • 25
    April Howard

    I have never tried a siet plan before I am 216 ponds i would like to be aleast 150 ponds and I am not sure how to go about getting to that weight



    I lost 115 on Atkins and have keept it off. I reintorduced carbs into my diet. Only lately have i had a weight gain. After a cancer scare and surgery. But i am nipint it in the bud.