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AuraWave is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or T.E.N.S. Unit, which delivers pain relief without drugs, but the use of small electrical shocks through electrodes placed on the affected area. It does not have much to do with weight loss, except for the fact that it can help relieve pain after a workout. Though something like this used to only be available by prescription, now you can buy it on your own. Read this review to find out more about the product and how it works so you can see if it would be worth the investment to you.

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Product Features

AuraWave is a TENS unit, so when properly used, it can relieve muscle and joint pain without prescription medication. It works by having you place electrodes in certain areas of the body, typically wherever the pain is. You can turn it on it and have several different levels of electrical shocks go to the nerves in the area where the electrodes are. Sitting and using the unit for just a few minutes can provide dramatic pain relief. However, it is important to discuss this with your doctor so you can learn the proper placement of the electrodes and how to use the unit to best help your pain. The electrodes are reusable, but you must be careful with them because they can easily break and are expensive to replace. When you order the AuraWave, you will get: the machine and a pair of electrodes, with a special belt for your back.

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  • AuraWave has two different payment options to help your budget.
  • This product can help with pain which can make it easier to exercise.


  • AuraWave should not really be used unless a doctor, therapist or other medical professional has recommended it, because you have to learn how to use it effectively.
  • The electrodes can difficult to use, and are expensive to replace.
  • The device is expensive at $150.
  • There is no free trial of this product. You must pay $14.99 for the trial unless you pay the entire balance due in one payment.
  • This does not really have much to do with weight loss.


AuraWave could be helpful for people who have trouble exercising because of muscle pain, arthritis, or other joint conditions. It does not correlate to weight loss any other way. There are no dietary or exercise recommendations for this product. If you are trying to lose weight but exercise causes you trouble because of pain, using something like this under the direction of a doctor may make it easier. It is important you talk to your doctor before buying this product. Be sure to follow a balanced diet and exercise as you can. A clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement can help you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

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    I have a copper T as a contraceptive device. Can I use the aurawave safely?