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Aussie Casein from Protein Factory claims to have a higher amino acid profile compared to whey and soy protein. Protein Factory lists all ingredients and details the amount of each amino acid in the protein powder. Protein powder is typically used by bodybuilders to promote muscle growth. Dieters can use protein powder as a meal replacement shake if there are added vitamins and minerals, creating a complete meal. Aussie Casein from Protein Factory is unique in the fact that consumers can add extra ingredients to formulate a personal protein powder. Buyers can add aminogen, Carbogen, glutamine peptides and microlactin. Muscle building ingredients like creatine and L-glutamine are also available to add. There is an additional cost for personalizing Aussie Casein.

List of Ingredients

Fresh Curd Caseinate. Amino Acid Profile: Alanine 3 g, Arginine 3.8 g, Aspartic Acid 6.5 g, Cystine 0.3 g, Glutamic Acid 20.7 g, Glycine 1.9 g, Histidine 2.8 g, Isoleucine 4.7 g, Leucine 9 g, Lysine 7.6 g, Methionine 3 g, Phenylalanine 5.1 g, Proline 10.1 g, Serine 5.9 g, Threonine 4.3 g, Tryptophan 1.2 g, Tyrosine 5.6 g and Valine 5.9 g.

Product Features

The amino acid profile is misleading. The amounts are available in 100 g of Aussie Casein, but one serving is only 30 g so the actual amounts consumed per serving are less than 1/3 the listed amounts. Amino acids are essential for various body functions and most work as antioxidants. There are no clinical trial listed, however, supporting the effect of amino acids on catabolic effect. Catabolism occurs when muscles deteriorate from lack of protein. Any protein supplement would have anti-catabolic effects so Aussie Casein does not stand out in this regard.

One serving of Aussie Casein contains 110 calories and 26 grams of protein. According to the product label, there are no carbohydrates or fats in the powder. Protein contains 4 calories per gram. If there were 26 grams of protein, the shake would have 104 calories per serving, so where are the other 6 calories accounted for. While 6 calories may seem minute, if the manufacturer does not reveal the source of all calories, how can any claims be trusted without verifiable scientific evidence?

Aussie Casein sells for $11.24 before any additional ingredients are added. There are more than 15 flavors to choose from, but some require paying an additional $1 fee. Various sweeteners are available free of charge.

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  • All ingredients and amino acids are listed on the Protein Factory website.
  • Consumers can create a personalized protein powder.
  • Products are ordered directly from Protein Factory.


  • No scientific proof of claims.
  • No testimonials from current or previous customers.
  • No free trials.
  • Additional cost for some flavors.


Aussie Casein may be more effective than whey or soy protein, but Protein Factory does not bother proving this claim. The case price is comparable to other protein powders, but so is the effectiveness.

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