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The line of products produced by Avant Labs include muscle enhancers, bodybuilding supplements and fat burners. Although some of the products contain thermogenic fat burners which have demonstrated weight loss capabilities, others contain diuretics and dangerous stimulants such as caffeine and yohimbe.

Avant Labs claims that their products will increase fat loss, build muscle faster, and prevent excess water retention. They offer topical spot reducers, liquid supplements and gel capsules all of which are intended to help you increase your aerobic performance and lose weight more efficiently. Their product line makes use of some of the latest innovations in weight loss technology as well as some of the most popular weight loss ingredients.

List of Ingredients

Sesamin, yohimbine hydrochloride, unspecified diuretic, caffeine, salvia miltiorrhiza, guanidinopropionic acid, green tea, hordenine, evodiamine, alpha-yohimbine, and tyramine.

The above list of ingredients are the only ones available on the Avant Labs web site. None of their products provide a full list of ingredients, and some products do not specify any of the ingredients included.

Product Features

Products available include fat burner and muscle mass formulas Lipoderm Ultra and Lipderm-Y, antioxidant formula Sesathin, fat burner Phenogen, thermogenic fat burner Heat Stack, and metabolism booster/appetite suppressant Leptigen Rebirth.

Lipoderm Ultra and Lipoderm Y contain yohimbe and caffeine. They are topical spot reducers that claim to reduce fat in a targeted area as well as reducing water retention for a leaner, more toned look. Sesathin reportedly increases fat burning and decreases fat storage while also providing anti-inflammatory qualities. Manufacturers say that Phenogen will mimic aerobic activity by encouraging fat burning and discouraging fat retention. It contains no stimulants. Heat Stack is a thermogenic fat burner which claims to burn fat by raising body temperature and burning more calories. It is also intended to be a hunger control agent. Leptigen Rebirth is targeted toward the overweight dieter and claims to suppress hunger while stimulating the metabolism and reducing cravings.

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  • Avant Labs uses popular fat burning ingredients, some of which demonstrate effectiveness in the proper dosages.
  • The company emphasizes exercise as a means of weight loss.
  • Products are affordable for most people.


  • Contains yohimbe, an ingredient which poses risk to heart health.
  • Contains caffeine, which can be a dangerous stimulant.
  • Uses diuretics to stimulate weight loss.
  • Does not provide before and after photos for evidence of product effectiveness.
  • Does not provide a full list of ingredients for products.


While Avant Labs makes use of thermogenic fat burners and has some evidence that its products are effective to a certain degree, they do not stand out from other similar products. Consumers should seriously consider the company’s use of dangerous ingredients, including yohimbe and caffeine, before using the products. Because of these considerations, Avant Labs cannot be recommended as a reliable supplement for long term weight loss.

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    PL Murari

    I am a Type 2 diabetic. I am taking tabs and insulin like Human Actrapid and Lantus etc. I am around 80 kgs. Do you have any tummy trimming and weightloss tabs available in India. What will be the price. If you have literate pl mail me. Thank You.


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