Avari Free Motion Rower Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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If you are into physical fitness, then you may have noticed the vast plethora of workout devices and exercise machines being released over the years. Well, most of these devices do serve some purpose when it comes to losing weight and getting into better shape. However, not all of them are likely right for you. This is why it pays to get the scoop on a fitness tool or machine before spending any money on it. The product we will examine in this review is the Avari Free Motion Rower. It retails for $250, and can be acquired through online distributors like Amazon for as low as $179.


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Product Features

The Avari Free Motion Rower is essentially a compact rowing machine. It is suitable for women and men alike, and can be used in the home. The dimensions of this exercise device are 42.5 inches in width and 58.25 inches in length (when not folded up). The weight of this machine is 37 pounds total, and it is able to support up to 250 pounds. You basically sit in the Avari Free Motion Rower, and grip the handles on each side, and begin to row. Your feet are placed on pedals with straps during this exercise. This type of exercise is supposed to work out all major muscle groups, which in turn burns off calories and improves muscle mass/strength.

Some features of the Avari Free Motion Rower are an adjustable hydraulic cylinder (to alter the amount of resistance), a padded seat that slides with ease on ball bearings, durable construction, floor protectors, and a display screen that provides the calories burned, stroke count, and workout time. This fitness device also folds up for easy storage. There are some user reviews for the Avari Free Motion Rower posted on dealer websites like Amazon.

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  • Rowing is a good exercise that works all major muscle groups.
  • This device can be folded and stored with ease.
  • The Avari Free Motion Rower encourages regular exercise.


  • There are some negative reviews posted online for the Avari Free Motion Rower.
  • Some people may not care for this type of exercise.
  • There are no dietary supplements involved to assist with appetite suppression and fat burning.
  • Some users have complained of this machine being defective and breaking.


First of all, if you are not interested in rowing exercises, then the Avari Free Motion Rower will not be ideal for you. Secondly, this fitness device does not really offer a broad range of exercises, but rather just one, which may get boring after a while. There are also some customer complaints about this machine not functioning properly. This is certainly something to consider before spending $179 on the Avari Free Motion Rower.

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