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Avia is an international shoe company that offers a long line of fitness apparel and shoes. The main Avia website is divided into two categories – Avi-Motion and Avia Endurance. Avi-Motion offers fitness shoes that claim to improve workout efficiency and toning with a uniquely shaped shoe. Avia Endurance specializes in running shoes and promotes professional athletes and runners with the shoe line.

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Shoes and performance gear.

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Avia is an international company that has been around since 1979. The company was founded by Jerry Stubblefield. The name of the company was derived from the Latin word meaning to fly. The official website for Avia is a bit difficult to navigate. There are separate sections of the website for the Avi-Motion and Avia Endurance lines, but there are no links to shoe designs unless the company is currently promoting that design.

Avia fitness apparel is not mentioned on the website, but several sporting goods companies offer a complete line of Avia apparel. Despite the firm placement of Avia in the fitness community, the brand is not as popular today as it was in the 1980s and 1990s when professional basketball players and athletes donned Avia shoes.

Losing weight does require some form of physical exercise, but the brand of shoe is not necessarily going to increase fitness or weight loss. Avia does offer the Avi-Motion shoe that is supposed help firm lower legs and buttocks, but these shoes are relatively new and have little, if any, clinical support in the fitness community. There is also the fact that the soles tend to be curved placing more stress on the calves and hamstrings which can lead to muscle fatigue if worn during the day.

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  • Avia is a trusted name in the fitness and performance community.
  • Prices of Avia shoes can be very affordable if found on sale.


  • A specific shoe or fitness apparel name is not going to increase weight loss.
  • Rounded sole shoes like the Avia Avi-Motion may cause leg fatigue during the day.
  • Prices of specialty shoes may be higher than other fitness shoes.
  • The website does not contain testimonials supporting the Avia brand.
  • Finding specific shoe styles is difficult on the Avia website.


Avia produces shoes for nearly every sport and sponsors many professional athletes. Their dedication to sports and community is stellar, but these choices will not affect the common person trying to shed a few, or many, pounds. Avia is more of a brand choice than a weight loss solution. Whether the shoe or fitness apparel is Avia or some other brand, dedication to fitness, dieting and the choice of a trusted supplement will increase weight loss more than simply choosing a specific brand name.

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