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Axis Labs Phire appears for sale on a number of body building web sites. The manufacturers of this product tell us that it will help maintain your muscle tone and suppress your appetite, as well as increase your energy levels for a more effective workout. The main active ingredients in Axis Labs Phire are, Evodiamine, Forskolin and Yohimbe. These ingredients, however, are ones that we commonly see in this type of product.


The ingredients in Axis Labs Phire are listed as Evodiamine, Forskolin, Thiamine, Niacin, Yohimbe and Caffeine.

Product Features

There is no official website for Axis Labs Phire, but it can be purchased from online stores at a price of $17.95 for one hundred and twenty capsules. Those selling Axis Labs Phire tell us that one to two capsules should be taken thirty minutes before breakfast, and one to two capsules should be taken in the early afternoon. We are told that Axis Labs Phire should not be taken less than six hours before going to bed, probably due to the caffeine in the product. You may also want to cut down on your coffee while taking this product.

Eviodiamine, which is present in Axis Labs Phire, is a bioactive alkaloid extract from the plant Evodiae Fructus, and has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for centuries as an appetite suppressant. Forskolin is found in the root of the Indian plant Coleus Forskohlii and is also said to have appetite suppressing qualities. Yohimbe, which is also present in Axis Labs Phire, has caused a little more controversy. Although it is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in weight loss products, supplements containing this ingredient are banned in New Zealand due to the large number of health risks associated with Yohimbe, which is a potent stimulant.

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  • Axis Labs Phire is reasonably priced.
  • Evodiamine, which is present in Axis Labs Phire, is said to have appetite suppressing qualities.
  • There is a comprehensive list of ingredients available for this product.


  • Axis Labs Phire is not the sole product on the market to contain Evodiamine and Forskolin.
  • This product seems marketed more towards body builders looking to tone up and maximize their workout results, and less towards those looking to lose unwanted weight.
  • Those who have any kind of kidney or blood pressure problems should not take this product due to the inclusion of Yohimbe in Axis Labs Phire.
  • Products such as this which contain Yohimbe are banned for sale in New Zealand.


At the end of the day, Axis Labs Phire is similar to a large number of other products for sale on body building web sites that claim to increase energy levels and stamina, as well as suppressing appetite. Although the manufacturers make a number of claims for their product, they do not actually present any evidence that it is superior to a whole range of other similar products on the market. Additionally, it seems like Axis Labs Phire is definitely intended for those who already practice a physically demanding workout routine, and not for those who are just getting started with weight loss.

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