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Ayate, a company that makes products from the Maguey plant (Agave Salminae), makes skin care products such as washcloths, sponges, and mitts. These products act as an exfoliator and removes dead skin cells from your body.

Despite Ayate’s success as a skin exfoliator, it doesn’t have much effect on people seeking weight loss. Unless you expect to take off pounds of dead skin cells from your body, you’re not going to be losing weight any time soon with this product.

List of Ingredients

Agave Salminae plant fibers

Product Features

Ayate is made from the leaves of the agave plant, which has been used by Mexican natives for thousands of years. Traditionally, Ayate is hand-woven by Mexican Indians, who have learned this art over many generations.

As far as Ayate’s value to the skin, it exfoliates dead skin cells from your body. Also, it is machine-washable, mildew-resistant, and lasts for at least a year with constant use. Further, the Ayate washcloth claims to be the only exfoliation cloth safe to use on those with fair skin. Besides being used for the face, Ayate can also be used as an all-around sponge to clean dishes or wash fruits and vegetables.

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  • Ayate is cheap. Ayate sponges cost $10.25, and Ayate washcloths cost $10, including a bar of soap.
  • Ayate is natural. Some products are artificially produced and detrimental for your body. However, this product is naturally produced from the agave plant, effecting wholesome changes to your skin.
  • Ayate is versatile. While primarily used for skin exfoliation, Ayate can be used in the kitchen as a dishcloth. Further, it can be used to clean dishes or fruits and vegetables.
  • Ayate is reliable. This product has been manufactured by Mexican natives for hundreds of years, testifying to its efficacy and usefulness to the Mexicans over many generations.


  • First, Ayate doesn’t have any testimonials by well-known people. While a few customers have praised this product, none of them have been well-known celebrities or TV anchors on ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox.
  • Second, Ayate doesn’t have any before/after pictures. Even though it’s a skin care product, the company could at least show the beneficial effects of Ayate on someone whose skin condition changed from scaly to smooth.
  • Third, Ayate has no money-back guarantee.
  • Fourth, Ayate doesn’t claim that its product will help with weight loss.


Because of Ayate’s natural durability and gentle exfoliation, it is a useful product for skin care. Further, its versatile use in the bathroom, kitchen, or around the house makes it a desirable product.

Despite its desirable features, Ayate has one glaring problem for those seeking weight loss – it doesn’t help you lose weight. Regardless of its other beneficial qualities, if you’re trying to lose weight and purchase Ayate, you’ll be ten bucks cheaper with a new dishcloth to add to your pile of kitchen rags.

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