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What You Should Know

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Ayurceutics, a company committed to holistically treating people, combines contemporary medicine, yoga, and self-healing to heal your body. Most of its medicine originates from Ayurveda, a system of health care confronting diseases holistically. This medicinal system has been used by natives in the Himalayas for over 5,000 years. Even today, 70% of people in India use herbs derived from Ayurceutics to cure their bodies from disease.

List of Ingredients

The following is a brief list of herbs used by Ayurceutics. Ashwagandha: withania somnifera root extract (500 mg); Boswellia: Boswellia serrata (500 mg), 85% boswellic acids (425 mg); Gymnema: Gymnema sylvestre (300 mg), 75% gymnemic acids (225 mg), 35% gymnemagenin, (105 mg).

Product Features

Ayurceutics has a plethora of herbs that claim to benefit the body. As a whole, they are intended to increase your immunity and health. Three herbs claim to reduce stress, heighten cognition, and heal joints. Four other herbs aid in general well-being for the body. Finally, several other herbs aid in digestive, sexual, and female health. Besides offering healing to the body, these supplements cost anywhere from $8 to $20 per bottle.

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  • Ayurceutics’ herbs are on sale through the official website.
  • Ayurveda products use many well-known, natural herbs in their supplements.
  • Ayurveda herbs are reliable. Having been used for centuries, their continued usefulness today suggests their inherent worth.
  • Ayurceutic products are affordable. Most pills cost around $16 for each bottle.


  • Ayurveda products on the offical Ayurceutic website have undescriptive, vague labels for their products.
  • Ayurceutic products have no money-back guarantee, which should be an understood feature for any diet pill.
  • Ayurveda products don’t have any testimonials, causing viable suspicion over the effectiveness of these herbs.
  • Ayurceutic products don’t have any before/after pictures, which should be expected on any credible diet pill website.
  • Out of the 11 herbal products featured on the Ayurceutic website, none of these claim to specifically reduce weight loss. One of the herbs, Gymnema, does claim to reduce weight loss somewhat, but its primary action is regulating insulin release from the pancreas.


On the good side, Ayurceutics uses many wholesome, potent herbs that help you with your digestion, sexual function, respiratory ability, and joint function. Further, because of the longevity of this herbal practice, Ayurceutics seems to be a viable health supplement.

On the bad side, Ayurceutics lacks certain features that should be present on a diet pill website. Most importantly, it lacks an herb that specifically claims to reduce your weight. Further, with no testimonials from celebrities or TV anchors, these products may possibly be detrimental to you, or at the very least, ineffective in healing you. Finally, Ayurceutics needs to have more products that primarily reduce weight in order to be considered a credible weight loss company.

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