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According to the official website for B-Slim, it is a weight loss system that will revolutionize the 21st century. Employing medical discoveries termed cutting edge, the manufacturer’s own research division has come up with a combination of scientifically formulated ingredients that promise to give the consumer exactly the kind of vitamins and minerals they need to lose weight without dieting, and to banish between meal cravings. B-Slim offers to provide the user with a fast acting, completely safe way to lose the weight you need to turn heads while eating the foods you love to eat.


There are a number of formulas on the market which add an array of herbal components, however the main ingredient seems to be Hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

Product Features

B-Slim is an herbal product that is intended to be part of an overall weight management program including exercise and careful eating. The ingredients in B-Slim are promised to reduce appetite, control craving, eliminate bloating, improve digestion, increase fat metabolism, regulate blood-sugar level, and relieve constipation, as well as giving the user more attention, improved energy, and a renewed sense of confidence. It should be noted that although the official website references clinical studies to back up these claims, those studies seem to have been done by the company itself. B-Slim can be purchased as both a powder which can be mixed with water, or in capsule form. Neither the official website or any other online sites where the product is available offers free samples of the product, although the official site does offer a money back guarantee.

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  • B-slim comes with a 30 day, money-back guarantee.
  • The official website for B-Slim features positive customer testimonials.
  • B-Slim can be purchased on a number of herbal medicine sites in both powder and capsule form.


  • The main ingredient in B-Slim, HCA, has no clinical trials to back up its claims of weight loss.
  • B-Slim offers no free trial offer.
  • B-Slim should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • B-Slim does not contain any proven fat burner or appetite suppressant.
  • Some forms of B-Slim come with a suggestion that additional supplements be taken for best results.


B-Slim is one of many diet and weight loss products which offer a wide array of promised results without objective research to back up those claims. While B-Slim has the advantage of its own official website there is very little actual information given there as to the complete list of ingredients and exactly how they aid in weight loss. In addition, a number of herbal sites where B-Slim is available suggest that the product be taken with additional supplements to keep blood sugars levels normal, reason enough to be cautious before trying this product. With other safer, more researched weight control products readily available the consumer would be wise to skip B-Slim altogether.

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  • 1
    Your Name

    Two years now bislim is out of stock in Tanzania,whats wrong?


  • 2

    where can i buy this b-slim?Im in Nairobi


  • 3
    Your NameVictoria

    Wil it work out as all slimming obj done work na


  • 4
    Rosemary Lomosi

    My weight is 78kgs and would like reduced to 65kgs.Would B slim do for me?



    Iam 75kg,I want to reduce it .can i use b-slim for that?


  • 5

    can b.slim be taken with statins?


  • 6
    Marta logusz

    How do I order B Slim in the United States?


    Jesse Mitchell

    how can I order b-slim and the capsules and how must it will cost


  • 7

    Is it ok to take bislim capsule after the expire date past? Or there are any side effect?


  • 8
    priti patel

    Side effects of cap B slim


  • 9

    Do i need to do any excesizes while drinkind B-slim capsules


  • 10
    Pat Runyon

    Could you tell me the address to return my B-Slim to Spencer-Hendrickson Labs ???? It certainly did not work for me.


  • 11

    Where can I purchase B-Slim Pills


  • 12

    “B-Slim can be purchased on a number of herbal medicine sites in both powder and capsule form.”

    This comment is very inaccurate, only one site sells it and that’s the creator’s site of B-Slim.


  • 13
    sajid khan

    hi, my name is sajid, .my height is 5.10 and my weight is 90kg, . I wants to burn some fat, . . Can i use B.slim, . ?


  • 14

    i am taking the pills from last one month butcould not reduse by .05 pound



    one and one half months with B-slim, and up two (2) pounds. Why no loss? . Is this BSlim only good if I had a lot of fat ? TEll- me please.


  • 15
    beverley holden

    i got my sample for just the shipping fee,then got £75 taken out my bank account,i did not know this would happen,and would not agree to that,so please people read carefully or my advice dont buy .


  • 16

    Where in South Africa (Gauteng Province) can B-Slim be purchased?


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