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B12, one of several essential vitamins, is found in foods including meat, dairy, eggs, and fish. This vitamin helps the body to produce DNA and red blood cells. After creating new red blood cells, B12 helps energize the body, lessening tiredness and raising the metabolism.

Functionally, B12 stimulates the thyroid gland, giving the needed energy for the body to function normally and increasing that energy too. Some who have used the B12 diet claim to have lost over 20 pounds.

List of Ingredients

B12, a water-soluble vitamin

Product Features

The B12 diet involves a B12 intra-muscular shot and a diet concentrating on dairy products. Taking the B12 through the muscle allows the body to better absorb the B12 into the bloodstream. Once the B12 shot is received, purportedly the thyroid gland is stimulated, increasing the body’s metabolism, lessening water retention, and energizing the body. Often, weight loss clinics use B12 to begin weight loss treatments for their clients.

Because of the B12 shot, the patient has additional energy that encourages him to continue exercising faithfully. Also, it helps him keep his diet regimen and lessens depression over his minimal weight loss, which can cause weight gain.

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  • B12 is an essential vitamin which claims to be instrumental in producing red blood cells and DNA.
  • B12 is reported to give your body needed energy, stimulating the thyroid gland and increasing your body’s metabolism.
  • B12 is said to help raise red blood cell count, which can lessen stress in your life.


  • First, B12 shots have caused allergic reactions, which include tightening in the chest and skin rashes.
  • Second, the B12 diet has no before/after pictures, physically demonstrating the effectiveness of B12.
  • Third, the B12 diet has no testimonials from credible people, such as well-known celebrities or anchors on major TV stations.
  • Fourth, the B12 diet has no money-back guarantee, which should be the norm for any weight loss supplement.
  • Fifth, the B12 diet has no official website that promotes the efficacy of B12.
  • Sixth, the B12 diet has not scientifically proven it reduces weight, making it a doubtful supplement for people trying to lose weight.


On the one hand, the B12 diet energizes people, giving them an increased red blood cell count and creating DNA. Further, if the person is on a weight loss plan, B12′s energy boost can encourage him to continue dieting, while decreasing the chance for depression.

On the other hand, the greatest problem with the B12 diet is that it has not scientifically proven to help people lose weight. Although some weight loss clinics have used it merely as a jumpstart to other diets, they have not solely used it as a weight loss supplement for their client. Further, with a dearth of credible testimonials and before/after pictures, the B12 diet has little, if any, support that promotes its use as a weight loss supplement.

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    I have hypothyroid and high blood pressure. would the b12 diet work for me


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    kayla helget

    can you take the b-12 vitamin pills instead of getting the shot? will it have the same effectiveness?