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What You Should Know

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B12 Shot is a liquid dieting supplement that claims to cause rapid weight loss. The product contains large quantities of Vitamin B12, along with other nutrients. The product claims to decrease water retention, detoxify the body, boost the metabolism, and stimulate the thyroid gland.

The manufacturers claim that for the product’s full potential to be reached, a heavy dairy diet is needed. Dairy products contain large amounts of vitamins, primarily Vitamin B12, and the manufacturers claim this will boost the affects of B12 Shot.

List of Ingredients

B12 Shot contains large amounts of Vitamin B12. While the product’s website does not cite the full ingredients list, they do mention several other ingredients. Water, Citric Acid, and Potassium Sorbate are all mentioned ingredients.

Product Features

The number one feature of the product is that, the manufacturers claim, you can take B12 Shot and receive an increase in energy without the crash later on. The manufacturers claim this is due to the fortifying vitamins and other natural ingredients in B12 Shot.

The manufactures of B12 Shot claim that the effect of their product is the same as receiving injections of Vitamin B12, which many people receive because of its healthy effect on the body. They claim their product has 2,000 mcg of Vitamin B12, the same as one injection. They offer the same effect, without the hassle and pain of a needle.

B12 Shot also claims to aid in rapid weight loss, if taken with proper exercise.

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  • B12 Shot is a healthy and nutritious product that contains large quantities of vitamins and minerals.
  • The manufacturers claim that if taken regularly, B12 Shot cleanses the digestive system, promotes better overall body health, and supports a healthy heart and central nervous system.


  • The manufacturers of B12 Shot are vague about the product’s contents. The website fails to clearly outline the full list of ingredients, as well as providing a picture of the products ingredients label.
  • The manufacturers fail to specify if the product has successfully gone through clinical tests, nor does the FDA give their consent of the product.
  • The product’s website fails to provide before and after pictures. They also fail to provide customer bios about the product.
  • B12 Shot seems relatively overpriced. They also fail to give any type of promotion or discount for purchasing the product.
  • The manufacturers fail to incorporate any type of dieting or exercise plan to be used with their product.


While B12 Shot is a healthy and nutritious product, that the manufacturers claim will boost the body’s overall health and performance, these claims seem to be somewhat exaggerated. While B12 Shot has been on the market for a long period of time, there just does not seem to be enough information, either presented by their own website or other affiliated websites, that back up the claims presented by the manufacturers of B12 Shot.

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    Can b12 shots take your hair out?


  • 2

    what would be the best to replace the needle B12 shot?



    use a new needle with each injection.


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    P W

    I am getting large bruises on my stomach because of the shots. What can I use to get rid of them?



    b12 should be given intamuscular not in abdomen


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    what are side effect?


  • 5

    why would i have armpit and breast pain after a vitamin b 12 shot



    If you find an answer, please lmk. I have experienced stimulation in my breasts since taking the shots. Health provider insists this could not be from the shots, but it is the only thing I am doing differently.


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    I just started B12 injections because of being tired. I do not feel well since then can this be due to the injections?


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